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Sasho Two-Step

The Sasho Two-Step is a drill inspired by Dr. Sasho McKenzie. In this drill video, you'll experience how much pressure (or weight) you want in your front foot during transition. Many golfers try to push hard with the foot and end up pushing too long. A good benchmark is about the same amount of pressure is the same amount you'll feel when you land on a jogging step. Learn how to apply that concept in this drill.

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Early Extension, Driver, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is the Sasha Otoostep.

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So one of our favorite researchers is Dr. Sasha McKenzie, and he had a video that came out

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through body track, and I've been using his concept in drill pretty successfully with getting

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people to feel the proper amount of push into the lead leg.

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So we're going to walk through that, and to pay homage, we're going to call it the Sasha Otoostep.

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So basically what he showed was on average, you want to try to get about one and a half

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times your body weight going into that front foot fairly quickly.

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Now most students have no idea what one and a half times their body weight feels like.

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But if you've ever jogged, jogging is about one and a half times your body weight

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of force on each step.

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So I'll have people not really jog, but take a little step, and I want to make sure that

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the back foot comes off the ground before the front foot lands.

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So it's not just a walking movement, it's an actual little hop and land like in a jog.

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So that'll get you, all right, I kind of get a sense of how much my foot is pushing into

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the ground.

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Then what I do is I'm going to have that hop sideways.

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And you'll see as I land, I'm going to bend my knee just like if I was running, there's

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a little shock absorber movement of that knee landing.

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So I have a couple of videos of the single leg squatting jump.

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This is just a more dynamic and kind of precise amount of how much you're going to get

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into that leg.

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Then what I'll say is after you land into that leg, you're going to push and when you push,

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you're going to feel like your arms would extend.

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So then we'll take the golf stance, normal golf stance, and we'll try to do the step

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Without letting the arms come down.

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So I'm just going to take a few and just kind of get used to stepping into that weed side.

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Now making sure that I'm not doing it by lunging my upper body, but that I'm just stepping

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into that side either staying centered or even getting a little bit behind if I'm

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training it more for the driver.

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Once I have that feeling, then I can take some swings.

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My goal is to make that step happen as early as possible.

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Really getting into that lead foot as I'm ending my backswing as the trigger to start my

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So now I'm going to make some swings.

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We're basically getting into that step really early.

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And then from that step, I'm just going to let my arms extend.

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So get into that left side quickly and then get out of it.

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I'll work on trying to find the ground or take practice swings with the club brushes

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the ground.

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And then I'm going to make swings brushing the ground and letting the ball get in the

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Okay, so now we're going to practice that step.

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Then we're going to get step swing.

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Now we're going to practice step swing ground.

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So brush the ground just like that.

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Now we're going to practice step swing ground and let the ball get in the way.

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So working on a little bit more quickness to that weight shift can help you with your

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sequencing, especially when it comes to the longer clubs.

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