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Side Bend Through The Ground

Some golfers have a great sense of their feet and how they work with the ground. Others do not. If you are having a hard time focusing on the movement of your pelvis and just feeling where your pelvis is in space during transition, then this drill could help you find a better way to do it for your brain. Ultimately, it is training the same movements that we discuss in the body during transition, but helping you feel a direction to push can sometimes help to connect the dots.

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This drill is side bend through the ground.

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So side bend through the ground is basically feeling how the legs and the feet push against

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the ground and how that helps trigger the movements further up the chain.

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So in the transition section we talk about that trail leg push and in the early extension

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section we talk about push the ground away.

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What we're going to do in this is we're going to connect those to so that you just have

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a good idea of how the trail leg works, how the lead leg works, what the pelvis is going

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to do and how that's going to relate to the side bend movement which is so critical for having

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a good path for the longer clubs.

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So essentially what's going to happen is I'm going to push the ground on a slight angle

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kind of away from me like so.

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Now the image that I like is a very Sanders making a cutback.

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I like to look at a lot of other sports for inspiration for the movements that work in

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the golf swing and if you look at a running back who's making a cut going back 45 basically

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what you will see is to push through the ground this way that will cause my body to go back

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this way.

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If I was to take a normal step I'm basically going to push the ground away from me like

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so and that's going to propel me forward.

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So I'm pushing through my toes and I'm pushing the ground that way to cause myself

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to move that way.

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If I want to get my pelvis to actually go back this way then what I need to feel is I need

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to feel like my foot is pushing almost on an angle kind of like so.

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So I'm going to try and push my foot through the ground this way and if I keep my upper body

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in kind of the same spatial kind of orientation what'll happen is when I go and push that's

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going to create this Jackson 5 movement or this side bend.

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We always want things to be moving kind of in the direction of the target.

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So this side bend movement being initiated from the lower body will help create leg and

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delay the arms.

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What can happen is if you are trying to just manufacture this side bend by tipping backward

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with the upper body it will be very hard to have the proper arm movements and so you'll

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usually dump those arms and kind of hit fat shots where the club gets bottomed out because

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my arms are extending and my path is too right word.

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So in order to do this side bend correctly ultimately we want to connect it to what the feet

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are doing with the ground or at least what the hips are doing where the hips are working

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kind of in this back 45 back 30 kind of direction.

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So if I were to do it from this point of view basically what you'll see is that I'm going

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to push the ground away from me kind of like so and I'm going to let my hips go backward

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kind of like so.

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So I'm pushing the ground that way.

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Now it doesn't have to be a super aggressive push.

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It's not like I'm trying to push as hard as I can.

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It's more like I'm trying to push just like I'm taking a step.

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So about the same amount of push as if I was throwing the ball.

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If I were to push too explosively it'll usually throw off the rotational speed that

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I'll want later in this way.

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So you can actually hit golf balls this way.

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But I recommend if you're going to hit golf balls this way you got to be about a 10

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handy cap or better.

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You're welcome to try it.

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It's just going to be very tough for you to make solid contact with this much movement.

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But basically the way you would do it is if I'm going to push that way that's going to

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cause me to step about a foot back kind of like so.

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So if I was to make a backswing and then basically as I'm starting transitions so well

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before my arms finish the swing if I was to step back this way.

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This is going to build the proper feeling for that trail leg.

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So I'm basically going to swing and step back just like so and I should still be able

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to hit a nice little draw.

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In fact that's going to help create the space for the proper arm movements.

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If you feel like you've got kind of a, or you've done this and you've had some success

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and you feel like you have a good idea then your goal is to try to initiate that feeling

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of the step without actually stepping.

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Doing this will help create that side bend.

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Help create this shallow angle of attack and allow you to make the good arm movements

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that we want to build during the release.

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