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If you're tired of piecing together random tips and you finally want to understand "how everything fits together" so you can start playing your best golf, you're ready for Golf Smart Academy.

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Meet Your Instructor

“Best Young Teachers in America”
“Best Golf Fitness Professionals in America”

Tyler Ferrell is the only person in the world named to Golf Digest's list of Best Young Teachers in America AND its list of Best Golf Fitness Professionals in America.

As a golf instructor AND an expert in biomechanics, Tyler has the unique ability to communicate how your body works in the golf swing...and how both can work better.

Tyler is also the author of the book, The Stock Tour Swing (Amazon reviews ), which reveals what the best tour golf swings have in common and how you can develop your own version of it.

“Best Young Teachers in America”
“Best Golf Fitness Professionals in America”

The GSA 3-Step System

Play Play

Step 1: Play

Yes, go play golf! While you're playing, the GSA system teaches you what to look for from tee to green, so every shot turns into valuable feedback you can use for straightforward troubleshooting and speedy improvement.

Plan Plan

Step 2: Plan

Now that you've gathered feedback, it's time to "game plan" your improvement. Using our understanding of the golf swing, physics, and biomechanics (together, what we call "golf science") we'll help you discover the underlying causes of your best and worst shots (and why any troublesome misses may have refused to go away) so you'll know which skills, patterns, or movements to focus on.

Progress Progress

Step 3: Progress

This is the fun part. Using our 900+ video library, we'll show you which drills and "teaching moments" will most dramatically improve the skills, patterns, and movements identified in Step 2. You can filter our videos to find exactly what you're looking for, or, by answering a few simple questions, our Mulligan Swing Coach™ can curate a custom playlist of drills to get you on the right path.

What Golfers Are Saying

"You are the first golf instructor I have seen who always gives the student "The Why" as a major component of their instruction."

- Bill H.

"Golf Smart Academy has been an invaluable resource for my golf game."

- Stephen H.

"I have dropped my handicap index from 3.7 to .7 by working with Tyler, shot a career low 65 and won my club championship.”

- Clayton D.

"Thanks for helping me take my game to a higher level, your understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing is breaking new ground.”

- Paul M.

What Golf Instructors Are Saying

"I have never listened to anybody who can dissect the swing so precisely, ever."

- Nicholas P.

"The best, most comprehensive golf instruction I have come across, bar none."

- Hank C.

"Masterful videos...ties together the various video components in cause-effect relationships."

- Bill B.

What You Can Expect From Our Videos

Find Fixes... FAST
You Can Ask The Mulligan Virtual Coach

Simply tell the Mulligan Virtual Coach what you're trying to improve, and you'll get a short list of videos most likely to help.

You Can Sort By Specifics
You Can Sort By Topic

Not Just A Community... It’s A Club

Everyone in our member forum is united by a common goal: we all want to play better golf.

We love this game and the joy it brings us, so you can expect lively discussions about everything from driving the ball farther, to swing analysis, to course management, to scoring from 100 yards in.

You can even upload your swing and get suggestions from me and my team of instructors...and often your fellow members.

Because, rest assured, if you're having a problem, someone else is having (or had) it, too, and the feedback will be constructive, respectful and positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Golf Smart Academy is the go to spot for easy ways to understand the body movements of the golf swing. The founder, Tyler Ferrell, is one of the few people in the world that has an in depth understanding of golf swing technique, 3D motion biomechanics, as well as functional fitness.

Tyler has learned to simplify the key differentiators of the golf swing into manageable chunks of information. The drills and videos will help clear your mind of unneeded clutter and focus your attention on golf swing, or movement, fundamentals that will have a significant impact on your game. Sign up for a free membership and see for yourself how clearly the golf swing can be explained.

"Tyler is unique in that he has the ability to tie it all together. For me, he was able to clear my mind from useless clutter and get straight to the cause of my issues.”

Charles Howell III - PGA Tour Winner


Golf Smart Academy is backed by science. The information you'll find on this site is good, sound golf instruction and not just for "entertainment value" like many of the other sites out there that employ golf personalities.

Tyler has personally studied the body and collected 3D data on players of all abilities. He has organized the findings from science into simple instruction that teaches the key movements of the golf swing as well as how the movements relate.

Many other programs claim to be validated by science, but most of those instructors have never seen the movements they teach under 3D first hand. Tyler studied under one of the leaders in golf research, Dr. Greg Rose (co-founder of Titleist Performance Institute). Using 3D motion research, he mapped the body's movements that were common among elite golfers.

Here at Golf Smart Academy we give you the "How" and "Why" of our teachings and you can trust that the answer is backed by scientific data.


All memberships come with a free 3 day trial. Just enter your email and subscribe to get started.

Golf Smart Academy has a library of over 1000 videos that has everything you need to know about playing better golf. It's also well very organized so you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for. No more endless YouTube/Google searches. In addition, if you don't see a video on a topic, ask us about it. We often film videos based on user requests and questions.

All members can ask questions and get direct responses from a coach. Post your questions using the form on the video page and we'll answer right below so everyone can benefit from it.

We think our site is great but don't take our word for it. Just subscribe and give us a try.


Tyler Ferrell designs drill and exercise plans to improve your body and your golf swing. He specializes in decoding AMM 3D graphs and simplifying complex topics in golf and fitness. His ability to tie it all together has made him a highly sought after consultant for top coaches and players alike.

Tyler's unique background allows him to solve complicated problems. Before dedicating his last 15 years to studying golf and fitness, he was an elite golfer that played for an NCAA division I college. There are very few people that have Tyler's diverse experience. He has logged thousands of hours as a sports performance golf trainer, swing coach, and golf analyst using top 3D systems.

Tyler has multiple golf and fitness certifications. He’s a big time nerd:
TPI Certifications - Fitness 3, Medical 3, Golf Pro 3, Biomechanics 2, JR 3, C.H.E.K Level 3, HLC 1, Soma Golf Trainer 1, K-Vest Advisory Board


Obviously, everyone’s results will vary. But clearing up concepts and learning drills to support new technique can trigger rapid improvement. Many golfers improve with a few range sessions.

Don't take our word for it. Give us a try. It's free.


Golf Smart Academy teaches the movements of the golf swing. If you have an injury, then generally you know what movements to avoid. With our system, you can learn how to balance around your limited joint. This is much safer than forcing your body into awkward positions! Even though our system respects physical capabilities you should be cleared by a doctor before you try any of our drills.

*see disclaimer

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