"Tyler lays out a road map for how to organize your game for improvement"

"I first met Tyler outside the Orlando International Airport baggage claim, driving around in circles until his AMM 3D Golf Electromagnetic System arrived on the belt. He hadn't even shut the door to my car when I started in on the golf questions. As he would now tell you with a smile, "How do you know?" and "Why?" were asked more than a few times! Even though we had an early morning start scheduled for the next day, we stayed up late into the night discussing general golf theory, golf swing ideas, golf training—if it had to do with golf, we addressed it. Those conversations spilled into the next three days on the driving range at Isleworth and inside the gym. I had finally met someone who got it. Tyler could explain not only what was happening in the golf swing, but why it was happening and how to train in the gym to support desired changes. Over my 16 years of playing on the PGA Tour, I have come to appreciate the difficulty of the game of golf. People from all walks of life, other sports, all over the world are eaten up by this great game. But the endless challenge is improvement. Over this book, Tyler lays out a road map for how to organize your game for improvement. He will show you where the club should be, how to get it there, and offer some fitness ideas to help support it all. As we all know, fitness is important, but it is vital to know that our gym work is not hindering our golf goals. As crazy as it sounds, my job is to chase a white Titleist around a massive field with holes in it. The difference between making a cut and winning is so small that I will do anything to improve. I have no choice. I have been to many teachers around the country, all of which I have learned from—but Tyler is unique in that he has the ability to tie it all together. He was able to clear my mind of useless clutter and get straight to the cause of my issues. He gave me drills and a gym routine to help my body support what I do on the golf course. As a direct result, my mind is clearer on the course."

- Charles Howell III (PGA Tour Winner)

"I’ve made more progress with you than any of my previous instructors"

"Like most golfers, I’ve struggled for years with some of the same issues (across the line at the top, flipping through impact, no forward shaft lean, etc. etc. etc.). In a few lessons, I’ve made more progress with you than any of my previous instructors, which include the likes of Mike Bender, Jim McLean, and a couple of other Golf Digest top 100 instructors. I truly believe that you are better than any of them. Your deep technical knowledge of the swing is matched by your ability to teach it - two very different things. Thank you."

- John C (C-level Silicon Valley exec)

"One of the most knowledgable people in the world"

"In my opinion, Tyler is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world concerning what the arms and hands do in the golf swing."

- Stan Utley (PGA Tour Winner)

"Tyler breaks down complex movements into simple concepts that anyone can understand"

"Hi my name is Chris Como and I'm one of the youngest teachers on the Top 100 list of golf instructors. I've traveled all over the world and worked with many of the best instruc- tors that use different methods of teaching golf. In my experience, The GSA system is one of the most effective method I've ever tried. One word I would use to describe it is "efficient". Tyler is all about maximizing your efforts and getting the most improvement from the least amount of practice. In fact, he'll tell you not to waste your time if something won't make a big impact in your game. This is a great benefit since there is just so much bad information out there. Not only that, Golf Smart Academy is the most well organized and concise system I've ever come across. Tyler breaks down complex movements into simple concepts that anyone can understand. He also provides easy-to-follow drills and exercises that help you train the proper positions and movements. If you're passionate about learning golf, I can't think of any easier way to Golf Better, Faster than joining the Golf Smart Academy."

- Chris Como (Former Tiger Woods’ Swing Coach)

"His teaching methods truly work"

"I'm an assistant golf professional and I've been working with Golf Smart Academy since it launched. At first, I was a bit concerned about the teaching experience through online communications. I can say now with confidence that Tyler's teaching methods are effective and truly work! He has expert knowledge about golf mechanics and his videos have helped me understand the key moves. This combination has really helped my swing over a period of about eight months. I'm more consistent and hitting the ball farther than I ever have. I also have a better understanding of what I need to work on. I have been extremely happy with my results and would highly recommend Golf Smart Academy."

- A.J. Berglund

"Solves a lot of confusion"

"You are the first golf instructor I have seen who always gives the student the "Why" as a major component of their instruction. It is very much appreciated. Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it solves a lot of confusion for the student. Keep up the good work."

- Bill Dobson

"Breaking new ground"

"Tyler, thanks for helping me take my game to a higher level, your understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing is breaking new ground."

- Paul Mohr

"An invaluable resource"

"Golf Smart Academy has been an invaluable resource for my golf game. From detailed drills to in-depth personalized video analysis, Golf Smart Academy has been instrumental in laying out the groundwork for my practice sessions and improvement on a daily basis. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their game on any level"

- Stephen Hollingsworth

"... so rewarding to watch your videos and apply it to years of misunderstanding"

"Profound understanding today from watching your videos about moving the left shoul- der down. As a shoulder spinner, not understanding why my knees sway and bend through impact, rather than post up.....I am going to work on this move and send you my video. I have borrowed a better camera as your insight is very valuable. Love this process, so rewarding to watch your videos and apply it to years of misunderstanding."

- Kevin

"You’re the best!"

"Hi Tyler - I just wanted to drop you a line first and foremost thanking you for the incred- ible content that you have assembled at GSA. I'm working on organizing my ADHD mind to fill you in on all of the specific ways you have helped my game in the brief month that I have been a member of GSA, but please know that in this one short month you have answered at least 4 questions that I have been scouring the internet for answers to for well over 2 years. In particular, the motorcycle has been a game changer. I generate a ton of speed with the club but until I started incorporating the motorcycle into my release, that speed caused the ball to move 80 yards left to right (I'm a former all state baseball player who hit .400 in high school, the video about the correlation was spec- tacular.) You're the best!"

- John

"A good putter to a great putter"

"I have improved from a 6.3 index to 5.2 index at Everett Golf & Country Club since joining Golf Smart Academy a month ago. My stock full swing is getting much better. Now I am now focusing on my putting and improving from a good putter to a great putter. Thanks for the great product!"

- Brian Bratager

"Had a breakthrough with my swing"

"Tyler: Thank you for the insightful and helpful video analysis. I had a breakthrough with my swing as a result. I started hitting some wonderful pull hooks which I was able to modify into baby draws. The feeling of extension through the shot is something I never experienced and it's amazing. Denver has frozen over so I have taken to the garage to work on your drills. When the opportunity presents itself I will send in another swing. Working with strength training, yoga, stretching to remain flexible and add strength. Do you have any plans to add some exercise videos that work key golf muscles. Perhaps the drills you have accomplish just that. Being into the science that measures and monitors golf movement you likely have a great idea of the key areas to focus. I have been around the horn with many swing fads and you-tube based golf gurus. I am so pleased to have found you and your program."

- Karl

"Great work and great concept"

"I just joined yesterday and I am going through the videos (amazing stuff). I am very, very excited about what I have found on your site. I just found it by accident by the way (on YouTube) and liked what I saw in the video and then went to the site. Great work and great concept..."

- Greg Owens

"You will improve your game"

"Since joining Golf Smart Academy, I have dropped my handicap index from 3.7 to .7, shot a career low 65, and won my club championship. Last year I qualified for the mid-am for the first time. Tyler's videos explain the golf swing like no other teacher I've come across over the years. If you watch his videos you will improve your game."

- Clayton Davidson

"Makes the game more enjoyable"

"I joined Golf Smart Academy in early July at the advice of a long time friend. Due to an injury, I stopped golfing for nearly 8 months. When I came back, my game really suffered. I grew more frustrated every time I played even to the point of wanting to quit. In less than two months, Golf Smart Academy got me consistently 30 yards longer. At my age, I really had my doubts, but the movements he's showed me work and make the game more enjoyable. Thanks to Tyler every time I tee it up I see more progress in my game and as I continue to work with him there will be more improvement."

- Kurt Anderson

"Helped me sort out quite a few things"

"Tyler, thank you for your suggestions. I'm embarrassed to say I'm also a teaching pro and am here learning from someone much younger than me! I want to feel like I know it all but you've helped me sort out quite a few things!! I think what you are doing here is great stuff. I rarely get to work on my own swing and hate to see it on video because I know how bad it looks and despite it's ugliness been able to hit the ball decent enough but always fought accuracy issues since college. Long story short, I've decided it's time to clean up this mess and feel better about my swing so that it's good enough to please my picky eyes and search for more accuracy, the older I get the more I appreciate how important it is! I don't tend to ask for help much but after seeing your content and background trust you are someone who can help me sort this out. From face on I can tell you I see too much hip slide and hips from DTL seem to move across line (I was taught to slide at transition and that would lead to turn but my hips are super slow compared to arm and hand speed). I feel that fast hands and cross line slide block my hips from turning and I definitely agree on the steep hand move at transition, probably comes from being taught to roll the left forearm to square it up. Apparently I learned to massively overdo those moves. If you're willing to continue lending me your eyes and suggestions I'll be glad to send you payment as needed."

- B.J.

"Whatever you need to do to improve is possible"

"What separates Tyler from other instructors is his unequaled competence interpreting complex data, identifying the most influential patterns in an individual’s performance and then interweaving that information into a path to excellence in Golf Performance. His unrelenting study of performance enhancement and the expertise that effort has provid- ed him has earned Tyler the respect of the world’s most recognized golf instructors. Embedded in Tyler’s instruction is an underlying message that whatever you need to do to improve is possible, it is available, and that you have the capacity to achieve it. All you have to do is let Tyler discover the root cause of what is keeping you from reaching your potential and be committed to the blueprint that he designs for you. You will not hear outdated, hieroglyphic, mysterious “golf-isms” based on golf folklore from Tyler. While what he provides has many layers, it is verifiable, real and profoundly reliable. With his guidance, you will find that you will be executing the swing you always wanted, the swing that you thought you would never be able to make, creating golf shots at a consistently higher standard you never believed you were capable of. Tyler’s “Delivery and Go” and “Motorcycle” are an integral part of my evaluation and performance testing protocol with new clients as well as for clients that are in a ball-striking slump. Of all the tests, drills, exercises and adjustments that I have employed, none of them have accelerated an improvement in ball speed and ball flight like these two have. I ask each of my clients to do the “5 Minute Warm-Up” as a part of their pre-lesson prepa- ration. To ensure it is being done correctly, I usually do the warm-up with them. Many days, I do the “5 Minute Warm-up” 7 or 8 times! It is no coincidence that I am hitting the Driver longer than ever."

- Ron Gring (Top 100 Teacher)
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