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How To Push With The Lead Foot - A Bracing Drill

There is a lot of confusion around how to push with the front foot. If you still think that that the lower body should just be quite then you are missing out on a key component to the release. The leaad foot pushing helps to create axis tilt, helps to shallow out the swing, and helps to create the space for the arms to swing past the body.

To get the most out of pushing with your lead foot, you may want to imagine how we do it in other sports. You could push with your toes as in a jumping movement, or you could push with the inside of the foot in a cutting motion. Most golfers are going to use the inside of the food as their weight moves into their heel. For a way to feel it, try this drill.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Follow Through, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This video is how to push with the inside of your lead foot.

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So I frequently talk about pushing with that lead foot.

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It should be one of the movements that helps trigger the release.

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So instead of a conscious, I get to deliver a position and then extend my arms.

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What'll happen is I'm getting towards delivery position.

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I start pushing with my legs and that helps my arms extend.

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When I say pushing with my legs, I'm specifically talking that lead foot because my body

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is already shifted and my pelvis is more towards my lead foot than it is towards my

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trail foot.

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Well, I know that when I say push, I know what I mean but it might not be completely clear.

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So I want to help you understand.

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If you're where you're pushing is going to be more on the inside of the foot and it's

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going to be pushing the ground away from you kind of like so.

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So I use the example because I've played a lot of tennis and basketball.

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If I was playing basketball and I had a defender who was coming across this way and then

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working back that way, I would kind of shift and then I would push back something like

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So I would be shifting and then I would push this.

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So the harder that I am driving that way, the more that I'm going to have to really

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push in order to get going this way.

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Well, that helps me with my proper lower body mechanics.

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Because if I get my body too far over here, there's no way I'm going to be able to shift.

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I have to take actually an extra step.

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So when I'm pushing it's kind of a little bit more like this.

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So golfers in the past have called it a firm less soft left side tiger when he was

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working with Bush.

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We're talking about snapping that leg.

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I don't like the thought of snapping that leg but pushing through the inside of the foot

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as if I was trying to almost change directions and go back this way.

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To trigger the rotation forward is a great way to feel this lower body initiating the

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So I'll demonstrate one.

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And you can see basically after I've shifted to here, I'm pushing through that inside

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of the leg as I'm doing the wipe, the finishing the motorcycle and all those good arm mechanics

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that you're practicing.

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But it all gets triggered from the lower body up.

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So if you're having trouble with some of your shallowing pieces and getting the timing

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of the Zoro loops or the timing of this blend of release to transition by using proper

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push with that lead leg.

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Sometimes it can help you overcome that barriers and have it all kind of click.

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