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Power And Sequence Training

It is important to understand that sequencing is one of the major ways that the brain organizes information of movement. If you are trying to increase distance, then you have to be aware of this. You will hit it differently, if you change the sequencing of the movements, but if you can increase the speed of all your movements at the same rate, then you will hit the ball the same/yet further. If you have a hard time increasing speed without mishitting the ball, then it is a good indication that your sequencing could use some work.

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In this drill video, we're going to talk about how to practice hitting the ball further.

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So one of the big barriers that I see with hitting the ball further is many players just

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go up to it and they try and swing harder.

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Now here's what actually happens in a golf swing.

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In a golf swing, you are going to have a sequence of body movements and that sequence

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of body movements is what controls where the club is swinging in space.

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Then you try to apply power, what has to happen in order for everything to just work

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more powerfully is your sequence after the remain the same, which means the timing of

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when your lower body and your upper body and your arms and your wrists all contribute

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to the club can't change.

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And what usually happens is a player will try and swing harder and they'll just use their

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most comfortable or most dominant power source.

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So let's say for an example, I get most of my power from my legs.

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So if you can see I get a lot of leg power and then there's kind of a nice little release

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from the arms at the end.

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If I try to swing harder, I'm probably just going to overuse my legs, which is going

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to mess up my timing, which is going to mess up my contact.

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So if I wanted to try and swing harder, first what I need to do is I need to slow down and

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kind of feel my sequencing and I'm like, okay, the body's there, the arms there, got it.

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And then if I'm going to try and swing harder, I'm going to try and put that same sequencing

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and that same timing into play just a little bit bigger, faster harder.

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So what usually happens again is when you're trying to hit the ball further, you end up

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overusing your dominant power source.

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What I've seen work the best is if you are able to figure out which is the power source

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you're using the least and try to add that into the equation.

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Because let's say your lower body is working at 90% capacity.

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It's pretty hard to take that from 90 to 95 and still be consistent.

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But let's say your shoulder is only working at 20% capacity.

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Well if we can take your shoulder power contribution from 20% up to 50% to huge increase,

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but it didn't put it close to the breaking point, which would be 100%.

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Does that make sense?

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If you have a hard time figuring out which are your dominant power sources, then by all

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means submit a swing so that we can tell you what you're using very, very well and what

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areas you could work on.

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Because it may be risk, it may be shoulders, it may be core and it may be legs or hips that

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are the place where you're not creating speed and by focusing on the area you're not creating

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speed, it'll allow you to hit the ball further with a little bit less of this growing

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So make sure you practice understanding your timing, you're sequencing and then if you're

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going to try to hit the ball further, make sure you have a logical or smart way of going

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about trying to hit the ball further.

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