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Visual Impact Training - Driver

The purpose of visual impact training is to get used to the different look of the club and arm movements at set up compared to impact. If you want to hit a straight shot with some shaft lean then you are going to have to have the face closed to the shaft at impact. Here is a simple way to visualize and train this key component to the release.

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This drill is visual impact training for the driver.

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So the visual impact training is just getting used to what the club and the hands will do

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differently between setup and impact.

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So in in setup my hands are more or less in the middle of my body and my wrist has a little

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bit of extension in it or cup.

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Well when I get to impact everybody's talked about for a long time that you want to flatten

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that left wrist or get that left wrist relatively straight.

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So if all I do is take my grip and then I work to flatten that wrist without changing anything else

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you can see that what I did was I went from here to there.

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So I challenge students a lot to say okay this is this is what the club is going to look like

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get impact.

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How could you still hit it straight?

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And they'll come up with a lot of different answers and different ideas.

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But basically what happens is if I get into my normal driver setup what's going to happen is

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I'm going to have body rotation with my hands staying in front and that's going to delay how that

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straightening of that left wrist is going to look.

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So if you if you struggle with getting your body rotated, getting your body open, having

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enough side tilt to do well with the driver oftentimes it's because you're trying to bring

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the club back into its original position of where it started where to execute the stocks

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swing correctly you want to bring the club back in somewhere around 30 degrees more close than

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where it was.

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That's just from the arms perspective because the body will be in a totally different position

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which is what's going to make that new wrist orientation work.

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So you can use this in nine to three swings of basically okay I'm going to get into this position

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and then I'm going to try and basically make a little nine to three move and it's going to

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feel like it hasn't exaggerated shallowing of the path and exaggerated getting my body open but

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you're going to experiment with how could I hit it straight and not snap hook the ball with a good

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visual orientation of the club face.

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So again I'm going to set up I'm going to get into that where my wrist are going to be at

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impact and then I'm going to see if I can just use my body to hit that relatively straight

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kind of a nine to three.

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So if you struggle with having club face issues visual impact training can help your brain

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kind of orient how the club is going to change and how your body is going to have to respond

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and that can ultimately help you with your angle of tech with the driver.

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Now I just want to highlight some of the key differences between when we do this with an iron

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and when we do this with a driver.

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So if I do this with an iron right what ends up happening is it's more of the hand

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thing in front of my body and my body pointing out there that squares the club face.

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Right so you can see that my arm stayed relatively straight or my trail arm

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because I'm going to have that arm straighter because I'm not going to have as much sideband

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I'm not going to be as far behind the golf ball as I would be with the driver.

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Now when I switch and hit the driver

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what ends up happening is if I did it just like an iron you can see that I would have

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way too much shaft lean and angle of the tech.

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So what ends up happening is I get it here but then because my upper body is actually more behind

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even though to my body I still have shaft lean to the ball it's fairly neutral because my upper body

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has stayed more behind kind of like so.

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So this this is a great little drill that ties together a few pieces

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that will help you unlock some of the mysteries of why you may be struggling with the driver.

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