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Handle Swings - Feeling Body Speed in the Downswing

This is an oldie but a goodie. The whoosh is going to sound around where the club is reaching its furthest point from the body, if you are casting the club, then you will tend to hear it whoosh to the right of the ball or before impact, but if you are loading the club correctly, then you will hear it whoosh after impact. Keep in mind, that if you can do it in the drill, but have a hard time doing it with the club the right way around, then it’s fairly common that you have clubface control issues.

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The drill is part of the cast swing pattern and this drill is to work on the timing of

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when your arm is released. It's an oldie but a goodie. I've got my three wood here but it

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doesn't really matter which club you have but it'll be more dramatic if you use something

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longer and with a lighter shaft. So I'm going to use the three wood but I'm going to turn

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the club upside down so that I'm gripping it towards the club head. The the Wush drill

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is basically seeing where or listening for where you hear the Wush when you take a full swing.

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If I were to take a full swing and to release my arms early you will hear that the Wush

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started somewhere in here and then kind of culminated close to the golf ball. If I was to do

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a good transition move as we learned in the transition section where my lower body leads

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and I delay when my arms release until down close to the golf ball or to the release

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what you'll see or what you'll hear is that the Wush almost started at the golf ball and

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then reached its peak speed where peaks sound somewhere in here. That's a little bit better

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energy transfer both in terms of the path of it as well as how much speed is going to be

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actually imparted into the golf ball. So you can take the handle and turn it upside down

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and you can kind of practice taking some swings and just hear where that sound is coming from

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and know that that sound is going to correlate with when you are releasing the rider left arm.

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So the longer you can kind of hold off the easier it'll be to get the Wush out here. Now what usually

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happens is if you can get a Wush here but you can't do it when you have the golf club in your

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hand you're probably having trouble squaring the club face with either transition or release

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the screwdriver or the motorcycle movements. Okay so if you can do it here and you have trouble

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on the when the golf ball there on the range look at how you're squaring the club face but

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if you have trouble on the range and you have trouble here first get the Wush sound in the

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right place. That'll help with your sequencing which will be a big contributor consistency

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and power.

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