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Sequence Training with Shallow Stick

Mike Romatowski's "Mach 3" system has some excellent concepts and drills for speed training. One of the tools that is frequently used in his training is the "shallow stick". Ideally, this is a 3-4 foot long PVC pipe and some rope, which for this drill, will be anchored to a point that is roughly in line with your sternum (or just slightly ahead). When it comes time to move fast, we will want to focus on the direction & timing of when the rope snaps. In doing so, we will get some great feedback on our sequencing and strategies for power production, whether they be efficient or less than ideal. 

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Tags: Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This rope drill is sequenced training with the shallow stick.

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Ideally, the shallow stick is somewhere around 4 feet long.

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This is only about 3 feet, but you can take these concepts and you can get really specific

00:00:15,000 --> 00:00:21,000
go see a mock 3 trained guy and they can help you with all the details or you can just

00:00:21,000 --> 00:00:28,000
take the general concepts such as using a PVC or even a flexible PVC and a rope.

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So what we're going to do with this one is we're going to get some sequenced training

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by working on where we get this rope to smash or snap.

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So essentially, if I do this, I've got it anchored just off center with the camera, but

00:00:44,000 --> 00:00:49,000
ideally you'll pretty much face the anchor point or have it just slightly down target

00:00:49,000 --> 00:00:53,000
or away from the target.

00:00:53,000 --> 00:00:58,000
So what I'm going to do here is I'm just going to get the feeling of the rope swinging back

00:00:58,000 --> 00:01:05,000
and forth and you'll see my goal is to get the center of the rope to fly down towards the

00:01:05,000 --> 00:01:06,000

00:01:06,000 --> 00:01:13,000
If I was to go early with the arms, even if I go hard with my body on the way through,

00:01:13,000 --> 00:01:17,000
if I go early with the arms, the ripple will go more at the chair.

00:01:17,000 --> 00:01:25,000
If I wait for things, I can get the ripple to go more at the target.

00:01:25,000 --> 00:01:30,000
So this gets a feeling of kind of waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, and

00:01:30,000 --> 00:01:36,000
then getting down into this position before I then let go of the energy or let the arms

00:01:36,000 --> 00:01:37,000
really go.

00:01:37,000 --> 00:01:41,000
For those of you who tend to get really aggressive and pulling down, this is going to

00:01:41,000 --> 00:01:42,000
feel quite uncomfortable.

00:01:42,000 --> 00:01:46,000
But that's a good thing when you're working on this sequenced training.

00:01:47,000 --> 00:01:50,000
I'm going to swing it back and forth a few times just to get the ripple going and then

00:01:51,000 --> 00:01:57,000
I'm going to try and add some speed out towards the target.

00:01:58,000 --> 00:01:58,000
So that was a good one.

00:01:59,000 --> 00:02:00,000
Kind of like that.

00:02:00,000 --> 00:02:02,000
And I don't want to do too many reps.

00:02:02,000 --> 00:02:04,000
The second I start to feel like I'm really slowing down.

00:02:04,000 --> 00:02:05,000
It's no longer speed training.

00:02:06,000 --> 00:02:08,000
So 10 to 15 seconds at the max.

00:02:08,000 --> 00:02:11,000
If I'm going really hard more than the 4 to 8 second range.

00:02:12,000 --> 00:02:14,000
We'll do one more little set.

00:02:14,000 --> 00:02:16,000
So get it going back and forth.

00:02:17,000 --> 00:02:25,000
Try to really get it to pop out towards the target.

00:02:25,000 --> 00:02:32,000
So if you're working on your sequenced training, a rope with a PVC pipe can be a great addition

00:02:32,000 --> 00:02:39,000
additional tool, the longer or a little bit longer PVC pipe, then your golf club forces you

00:02:39,000 --> 00:02:43,000
to really shallow, prevents you from getting steep, keep these swings more from about chest

00:02:44,000 --> 00:02:44,000
tight to chest height.

00:02:45,000 --> 00:02:49,000
So not kind of a whole swing or else the rope may wrap around you.

00:02:49,000 --> 00:02:54,000
It's really for working on that sequencing down and being very stable through the hitting zone.

00:02:54,000 --> 00:02:58,000
So try that to work on your overall golf swing sequence.

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