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Shaft Lean Visual

For many golfers, getting shaft lean at impact is a real struggle. To help the brain plan the swing, an alignment stick in the ground can be helpful. The real challenge is learning to create shaft lean without steepening the angle of attack.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Enough Distance, Chicken Wing, Iron, Impact, Drill, Beginner

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The drill is shaft lean visual. So I've got a little station here designed especially for

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you visual learners. Got two different alignment sticks. One is just going to represent

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about where the ball is and then the second one is going to represent my shaft lean. So essentially

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what I did, here's my seven iron and all I did was I pretty much matched what that shaft would

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look like if I sold the club. Now I put the entry point of that about an inch in front of my

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ball position because it's not that I want to have, I don't want to have the ball position back

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where I actually hit this where it kind of matches up with the ball is just after impact or

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just after the ball has gone. That's going to force me to try and get a little bit more

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shaft lean in impact. So here you can see I'm exaggerating it a little bit but for most of you

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this is going to look like it's well forward of the golf wall from here and you'll see from when you

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I suggest you either using a mirror or look at on video you'll see that it looks just barely

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past vertical. So it's helping get over that optical illusion of having your hands ahead and

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seeing about how much shaft lean you're trying to get and that so that will help you with either your

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impact fix or the door jam. So that will help you with pre-setting your body in that good

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merry-go-round position and getting used to where you want your hands to get to compare to the golf

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ball. For many of you you're used to having your hands pretty much pointing at the golf ball like this

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and you can see that there's a big difference in the amount of shaft lean from your perspective

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but from here from face on or sorry from first person it's really only about three inches of

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grip movement maybe 10-15 degrees of shaft lean. So it might not look as dramatic here as it's going

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to look there you want to kind of calibrate where you want to get the club. So we can use this

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either 9-3 or full swing style drills and I'll keep that the shaft or the ball position there and

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I can just continue to use this visual or this reference and I can just work in towards me or away

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from the station keeping that visual there that way you don't have to set it up every single ball.

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The other option is you can hit balls off tees since you're not really working on low point control

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you're more working on a club path than a little bit of face rotation because if you get this

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shaft lean and you don't have any face rotation the ball's going to go well off to the right.

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It's one of the reasons why many golfers fail to get

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shaft lean in impact. So we'll do a couple 9-3s kind of walking through so I'm going to preset impact

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Good so that pretty much matches up hopefully from your point of view looks like it does from here

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and then I'm going to take it back try to get into that position if I do a good job I'll

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probably have solid contact and the flight might be a little bit lower.

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Now I can progress it just a little bit further. All right so that's about where I'm trying to get to

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an impact now we can take it back a little bit more like 3-4 trying to match that up again

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and then ultimately we can take that to full swings. Now at this point when I start moving

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the swing faster I can't really see but I can kind of connect my feel and my my like 3-D

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awareness of it and I can compare where it was it set up and where it was compared to the shaft

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at impact and that'll help me build my database in my mind of where I want to get my hands at

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impact. So now we go up towards full swing so this will look a little bit different because I'm

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much further away at least for the cameras perspective.

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So my key is I've got about the same contact and I've got about the same launch window

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regardless of whether this was a 9-3 or the full swing it's kind of watching hot.

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It's not launching up and kind of spinning so if I was to have more of a I'm going to try to get

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there at impact.

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If I was to have more of a flip-style release that probably launched a good 50 maybe even 100% higher

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so you can use that as feedback if you're doing well with this little

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shaft drill to help you with your hand position and getting over the visual weirdness of what it

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looks like to have normal shaft lean at impact.

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