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Lag & Timing of Unhinge

A problem that I often see with more skilled or lower handicap players is the idea that there is no such thing as too much "lag". Or in other words, I will see players making a conscious effort to lead excessively with the hands into impact, such that there is still a sharp angle between the lead arm and club well into the downswing. Of course, this is done under the notion that more lag equals more distance and straighter, more solidly struck golf shots. 

Unfortunately though, you can have too much of a "good thing" when it comes to lag and we need to be careful about holding onto the radial deviation, or hinge of the wrists, during the downswing. Ideally, we want to start releasing the lag, or unhinging the wrists, when the lead arm gets to shaft parallel. Not only will this begin to shallow the club earlier, but it will allow for a more optimal transfer of energy to the club. As several biomechanics experts have mentioned, lag is necessary to create the potential for power, but there needs to be a conscious act to release what as been stored. 

At first, players who have overcooked the lag pattern may feel as if they are now casting or "dumping" the club in transition. However, (2) great tips for making this unhinging pattern more powerful are: 

  1. That the unhinging of the wrists is triggered by the push and vertical action of the lead leg. 
  2. That the trail wrist is gaining extension as the wrists are unhinging.

Of course, do not be afraid to work through some of the progressions mentioned in the video; the timing of this pattern is very important for consistent and powerful ball-striking, so you should see benefits from training it.


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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Transition, Release, Drill, Advanced

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