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Lengthening Your Backswing

The search for speed and distance is a common, but challenging goal for many golfers. For players that already strike the ball solidly, this can become even more daunting of a task as they must either make (1) improvements in their kinematic sequence or (2) create a longer backswing. Unfortunately, the first option requires a thorough and accurate analysis of a player's swing and power "leaks". However, our second option can be quickly improved as long as we know where and how to create this extra motion. The (3) main components for creating more length in the backswing are: 

  • Increased hip rotation (through knees & ankles).
  • Increased torso rotation (through extension of the spine).
  • Increased arm elevation (through the shoulders) & "set" of the wrists. 

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Backswing, Concept, Intermediate

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This video is discussing lengthening your backswing.

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So sometimes golfers come into the site and their main priority is distance.

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Well there are two main ways that you can increase distance.

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One is to take whatever club has speed you've already got and transfer more of that speed

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into the golf ball, get more ball speed out of it and get more distance that way.

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That's especially important when you're looking at the driver and in order to do so

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you typically have to work on making really solid contact with a club face that's not

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changing loft quite as much down at the bottom because you've got the club face a little

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more close to the path and a little bit more lag or shaffling.

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Those help create compression which drives the ball further.

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But if you're already doing a decent job with that and you want to increase the amount

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of club heads speed then there's really only two ways that you can improve your club

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head as speed.

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One is to take your current pattern and just lengthen it so that you have more distance

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to apply force onto the golf club.

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Or two, the second one is to improve the sequencing and the total contribution of how

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your body is creating force.

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Now oftentimes that second one is a little bit of a rocky road at first.

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Some golfers really struggle with changing the way that they power their swing because

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power is such a reflexive activity.

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So for some golfers especially if you have a tendency to get really short kind of like this,

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one of the easiest ways to increase your club head speed is to lengthen your backswing.

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There are a few different ways that you can lengthen your backswing.

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One is if you try to increase the amount of rotation happening from your lower body down.

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So basically using letting your knees straightened or bend, letting your feet rotate a little

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bit and letting your hips rotate.

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So that your pelvis is facing more away from the target.

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This works really well for golfers who try to kind of lock their lower body in place.

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You see that that limits the amount of shoulder rotation I could get because I'm limiting

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my hip rotation.

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When it comes to the longer hitters the average is somewhere around 45-50 degrees of

00:02:15,000 --> 00:02:21,000
lower body or pelvis rotation and a lot of that is happening from the knees and the ankles.

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The second option is more from your spine.

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From your spine the main two things that are going to lengthen the backswing are extending the spine,

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which is actually happening more from the hips but we see it kind of at the spine.

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And the second one will be getting more of this chest rotation.

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So the spine extension or the hip extension changes my look from here to more there.

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So if I have a tendency to look like my chest is still pointing way down towards the ground.

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Even though my shoulders have reached almost 90 degrees because my chest is pointed

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down towards the ground I'm going to be limited in how much of a backswing I can really

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The difference between that and that is more what I'm doing in my spine and it can

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have a significant impact in my ability to create speed by lengthening the top of the

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In fact that's one of my go-to's when I have especially older golfers looking to get a

00:03:25,000 --> 00:03:29,000
quick 10-yard improvement or so.

00:03:29,000 --> 00:03:34,000
Now when you change your pivot like that it can throw off your timing in the short term

00:03:34,000 --> 00:03:40,000
but often times it's worth it in the long term to pick up the extra speed.

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The last one so we got your lower body we got your core and then the last one will be

00:03:44,000 --> 00:03:45,000
the arms.

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The two different ways you could increase basically lengthening your backswing are typically

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going to come from the shoulders or the wrists.

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So if I lock my wrists in place kind of like this you'll see that my swing has more

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of a 3-quarter look to it and because my wrists are really rigid I'm going to have a hard

00:04:06,000 --> 00:04:11,000
time creating some of this downward load or some of this trail wrist extension and get

00:04:11,000 --> 00:04:13,000
into a really good delivery position.

00:04:13,000 --> 00:04:18,000
I'll typically get into more of a delivery position like this and I was limited in

00:04:18,000 --> 00:04:25,000
how long of a backswing I created so it kind of impacts my speed creation two different

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The shoulders are the other option which is some golfers tend to get more of their arms

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working too much around their body and not enough up so if your arms stay more in front

00:04:37,000 --> 00:04:42,000
of your body but you tend to kind of bring them around kind of like this as opposed to lifting

00:04:42,000 --> 00:04:50,000
them slightly up in the backswing then that can limit your speed creation capabilities.

00:04:50,000 --> 00:04:56,000
So one fun just kind of exercise that you can do is playing around with the different

00:04:56,000 --> 00:05:02,000
three ways of increasing the length of your backswing and see if one of them has an impact

00:05:02,000 --> 00:05:05,000
on your club at speed without messing up your contact.

00:05:05,000 --> 00:05:11,000
I do recommend doing this with a launch monitor if you have access to one just because

00:05:11,000 --> 00:05:19,000
it's going to be hard for you to balance out all the possible changes so you may not see

00:05:19,000 --> 00:05:22,000
that you're actually increasing your club that's made if you just look at distance.

00:05:22,000 --> 00:05:30,000
So this is one of the games that I typically do on track man or on any of the even

00:05:30,000 --> 00:05:34,000
a swing radar would be an okay one for checking this.

00:05:34,000 --> 00:05:40,000
But you can play around with letting your hips go, letting your spine go, letting your wrists

00:05:40,000 --> 00:05:44,000
set a little bit more at the top and see if one of those has a bigger impact in your

00:05:44,000 --> 00:05:46,000
ability to lengthen your backswing.

00:05:46,000 --> 00:05:50,000
Worst case scenario if you don't have access to a radar you can always look at it from

00:05:50,000 --> 00:05:57,000
a face-on camera angle and you can see where how high are my hands getting as long

00:05:57,000 --> 00:06:03,000
as I'm not compromising my position so either too much sway off the ball, too much early

00:06:03,000 --> 00:06:09,000
extension of the spine, too much breaking down in the elbows.

00:06:09,000 --> 00:06:15,000
As long as I'm lengthening in a good way it should help to create more club that speed.

00:06:15,000 --> 00:06:20,000
So if you're in that second camp of trying to create more clubhead speed, lengthening

00:06:20,000 --> 00:06:24,000
your backswing is one of the easiest ways to do it and this discusses the major components

00:06:24,000 --> 00:06:26,000
of how you can actually accomplish that.

00:06:26,000 --> 00:06:28,000
So now we'll look at two different ones.

00:06:28,000 --> 00:06:37,000
So this first one will be my stock, just kind of my normal length swing.

00:06:37,000 --> 00:06:42,000
And that's just my comfortable kind of iron distance there.

00:06:42,000 --> 00:06:49,000
But then what we'll do next is you'll see I get more of my length from my spine and from

00:06:49,000 --> 00:06:58,000
a little extra wrist set.

00:06:58,000 --> 00:07:04,000
Now you'll be able to see I hit that reasonably solid and I got enough an extra

00:07:04,000 --> 00:07:09,000
of say seven to ten yards of carry with my eight iron here.

00:07:09,000 --> 00:07:15,000
So now this is something that I will practice so that on part five is in things where I want

00:07:15,000 --> 00:07:20,000
to get a little extra clubhead speed out of my driver I can add a little bit extra length

00:07:20,000 --> 00:07:25,000
for the backswing and give it a go if the hole is wide enough or open enough.

00:07:25,000 --> 00:07:30,000
So it's a good skill to have even if you decide that it's not worth the risk and you want

00:07:30,000 --> 00:07:35,000
to play safe most of the time or a little bit more controlled most of the time.

00:07:35,000 --> 00:07:40,000
At least now by knowing what the options are you'll have a little bit you'll have more

00:07:40,000 --> 00:07:49,000
strategy options that you could choose when you're deciding what to do on the course.

00:07:49,000 --> 00:07:51,000
And we'll let my legs go just for fun.

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