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Lengthening Your Backswing

The search for speed and distance is a common, but challenging goal for many golfers. For players that already strike the ball solidly, this can become even more daunting of a task as they must either make (1) improvements in their kinematic sequence or (2) create a longer backswing. Unfortunately, the first option requires a thorough and accurate analysis of a player's swing and power "leaks". However, our second option can be quickly improved as long as we know where and how to create this extra motion. The (3) main components for creating more length in the backswing are: 

  • Increased hip rotation (through knees & ankles).
  • Increased torso rotation (through extension of the spine).
  • Increased arm elevation (through the shoulders) & "set" of the wrists. 

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Backswing, Concept, Intermediate

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