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Torso Burner For Hip Rotation

Over the last 10 years, I have used ropes in various fashions as part of my golf training. Recently, I have been focused on some of Mike Romatowski's golf conditioning drills, specifically those from his "Mach 3" speed system; Mike has come up with some pretty ingenious ways to create "feels" that carry over well to the golf swing and produce more speed/power.

This shortened version of Mike's "Torso Burner" is a great way to improve lower body mechanics, especially for players who tend to sway off the ball or suffer from early extension through impact. More specifically, it is designed to help players learn to effectively load the lower body and use the ground for leverage. This will not only produce more distance, but will also help with straighter shots and greater consistency.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Early Extension, Standing Up, Sway, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is the torso burner for hip rotation.

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So I've used ropes in different fashion for the last ten years or so, but in the last six

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months I've come across the mock three system by Mike Rohehmathowski and I think it's got

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some really good carryover.

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So when I do some of the drills and use some of the tools, I get some really good

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feels that are very similar to what I experience when I hit golf balls and I've gotten

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my students to experience and and make changes on their own without having me to necessarily

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over coach.

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So one of the tools we're going to use here is a shortened version of the torso burner.

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So the torso burner ideally is about a six feet or a six foot long piece of PVC pipe.

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So this is only a three feet.

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So imagine twice this long, but you can still get the same benefit from a shorter stick.

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It's just not quite as precise or you can't narrow in the lower body quite as well.

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So what you're going to do here is you're going to take the pole and place it up against

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your hips.

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And now if I use hip rotation, then what you'll see is if I keep this up against my hips

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and I use hip rotation, I can create some ripples in the rope.

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I don't want to be doing this just with my arms.

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I want to be using my legs against the ground.

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Now if you were to slow this down, you'll see that as I go to push, my lower body is actually

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going to sink into the ground.

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A lot of golfers who see on their swings that they tend to kind of stand up, I'll

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usually comment in their video that part of the reason that they're standing up is they're

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not pushing against the ground.

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They're basically not using their lower body in a efficient way to create rotation.

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Well this tool here, if I'm holding it kind of wide just like this, you'll see that as

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I go back and forth and create some rotational speed from my lower body, there's kind of

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a rhythm to my upper body dropping down.

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And that dropping down is to allow me to create some more friction so I can twist my lower

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body even better.

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Now doing this, I get kind of a similar feel, especially if I emphasize it more in the direction

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of the target.

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I get a similar feel to what it feels like after I've done the Jackson 5 and as I go

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in through the release.

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For some of you who may slide a lot, this would help you feel more centered or a little

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bit more of that bracing.

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And for some of you who sway off the ball, if you did this more in the backswing direction,

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you might feel more lower body rotation.

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But you just take a long rope, so this is about 50 feet and I got a PVC pipe in the middle,

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and I'm just going to get that torso or hip burn going back and forth for about 10 seconds.

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Next I'm going to take and place it across the shoulders and I'm going to try to get my

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torso to move from my hips and my lower body.

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So I'm basically trying to do the exact same movement, but I'm changing the anchor point

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by moving it up.

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Only once I have a good feel of what I want my lower body to move like and my going to

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then transition into hitting some golf balls.

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So now I'm trying to kind of recall what it's like to turn that lower body.

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And one of the great things about the rope is by going back and forth, it's very hard to

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have a whole lot of early extension.

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If I do early extend, I'll tend to get some speed in one direction, but I won't be centered

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enough to be able to recover for the next rep.

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So now I've got the feeling of the lower body rotating, and I'm going to try to apply

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that feel midway in the down swing.

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So kind of like so, and I get a good sense of using the ground in the same way.

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If you struggle with a little bit more of an upper body swing, grab a PVC pipe in the rope,

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and that will help you learn how to activate, push, and use your lower body in the correct

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way to create some rotational speed for your stock swing.

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