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Airplane Lunge - Feel The Trail Glute

Many golfers will allow their legs to become passive during the swing. This leads to an upper body dominant release that can produce steep and inconsistent contact. Players who default to this pattern will often "stand-up" in the backswing; when I see students do this, it is usually a sign they are preparing for a strong pull of the arms.

On the opposite end, if we look at the best drivers of the golf ball, we will notice a small lowering in the backswing. This lowering creates a load in the trail glute, which thens allow the lower body to drive the swing, increasing power and improving sequencing/consistency.

Overall, if you have a tendency to stand-up in the backswing, you may want to work on this advanced drill. It should not only give your lower-body and core a good workout, but also provide a "feeling" that you can take to the practice tee. Ultimately, this should get your lower-body more active and help eliminate some of the contact and consistency issues that arise from an upper-body dominant swing. 

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Standing Up, Sway, Backswing, Transition, Drill, Advanced

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