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Follow Through Bracing

One of the trickier movements is the feeling of the left side being firm or bracing for the right arm to push through it. A great way to feel it is to get in a position where you can experience the tug of the club in a more exaggerated fashion. Having the club pull on a club or an exercise band will help create the sensation that you are looking for and provide an opportunity to train the push away from the target that is common among good ball strikers, especially good drivers of the ball.

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Tags: Follow Through, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is follow through bracing.

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So it is long been talked about that you should kind of feel like you have a firm left

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side when you go through impact.

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But what does that actually mean?

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Well, if you look at the push pull that I talk about where, as I'm letting my arms extend

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from the weight of the club, my body is kind of bracing against it, that's where I think

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a lot of this feeling of a firm left side came in.

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So what I do with a lot of my students is I'll have them go into this release or lean back

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So I'll have them go into this release or follow through position like so.

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And I will try to pull them over from the club because the club is going to have a force

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on the body of somewhere around a hundred pounds, depending on what club and how fast

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you're swinging.

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So the club is going to have a pretty significant force right there.

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I can make that force less by either bending my arms, which is not ideal or by bracing

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with my body and kind of pushing against the ground as it comes up.

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Now you're not going to have me to pull on the club.

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So what you can do is you can grip it in an extremely closed position and you can find

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a chair and you can go around until basically you would hook that chair and then you can

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practice bracing with that lower body as those arms are fully extended and as those

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arms are getting pulled out.

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So brace and then let those arms just release.

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Then you can take a swing trying to recreate and feel that kind of blend of movements of

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my body pushing away as my arms are extending out.

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That combination helps create the bottom of the swing being after the golf ball helps

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create a lot of the angle of attack things that relate to consistency.

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So I think it's a very important thing that you can practice at home or on the range.

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