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Left Shoulder Transition Lag Move

I commonly see golfers associate being “loaded” with feeling a stretch in the left shoulder. If we look at the graphs, then the time when this stretch should happen is during transition. Take your left arm and pull it across your chest with your palm pointed down. Having the palm pointing down is an important piece of the drill, be sure not to skip it. Feel the stretch in the back of the shoulder, now practice this movement as you shift your weight and go into transition.

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So this drill is the left shoulder leg drill. So this is to feel the stretch through the left shoulder that should happen on the down swing.

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What most golfers do who don't hit it as far as they'd like is they create the big stretch with the shoulder at the top of the swing and then

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instantly start closing it as they start down.

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What golfers who hit the ball longer way do is they create that same amount of stretch

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but they do it later so that when it closes it closes faster.

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So the feeling is pretty simple. If you bring your left hand out in front of you, if you're right hand a golfer and you

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with your palms slightly down, bring your arm across your shoulder like so.

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Now if I was to I feel a little bit of stretch in my in the back of my shoulder,

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but if I was to then pull it across my body a little bit more, I can feel a bigger stretch.

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When you should feel that pull is in the down swing.

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So if you were to go up towards the top of the swing, that lower body moves and then that upper body starts to move.

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And you can see that that upper body moving creates that stretch in the down swing.

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If you go to the top of the swing and you've got a big stretch here and you automatically start releasing it,

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the weight of the club is going to continue out and you're going to have the cast pattern that costs you so much distance in your arch.

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So you can practice this at home of just kind of bringing your arm across this 45 degree

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and then turning your body into that impact position,

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turning through the arm instead of letting the arm load down.

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And you'll get a better idea of how to load that left shoulder properly if you're trying to maximize your power.

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