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Power Down to Feel Power

As golfers work to improve their release mechanics and efficiency, they will often encounter a "disconnect" when it comes time to add speed. When reaching for a bit more distance, they may start from the top by pulling too much with the arms or by driving their lower-body excessively towards the target. To get an added sense of where things may be going awry, you will most likely need to slow down before you can speed up. To do this, simply make your normal swing, but make the down-swing (3) times slower. From here, make the exact same swing, but take off 20 more yards. Now, pay attention to what changed for you to accomplish this. Did you pull less with your arms? Or maybe you felt your core rotating with less force? Ultimately, using this drill should help you get a feel for where you are sourcing most of your speed and what you may need to change to make sure you are using the proper movements to create power. 

Playlists: Pivot Drills, Fix Your Slice, Get More Distance, Fix Your Hook

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Drill, Intermediate

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