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Med Ball Slam vs Side Arm Throw - Power Sources

On a simplistic level, your downswing is like a medicine ball chop. But this chop action could be more vertical, or it could be more rotational. A rotationally powered swing is better for the longer clubs. A vertically powered swing is better for the short clubs. In the middle range, you could use either approach. This video helps you use video to identify if you are using more of the vertical power or rotational powered move in your swing. 

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Driver, Fairway Wood, Transition, Release, Concept, Intermediate

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This concept is Medbal slam versus Sidearm Thro.

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So I talk about the three main skills on this site that we're trying to create speed,

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control the club face, and organize the path.

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This video is more about how you create speed, but understand that it influences how you control

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the face as well as how you control the path.

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From a big picture perspective, there's really only two options that you're going to use when

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applying power to the club.

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To look at it, we're going to use the idea of throwing a medicine ball two different ways.

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So I don't know if I'm going to use this little spikey ball.

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I'll come back to the club here in a second and how it relates to the swing, and what you can see on video

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and how it reveals which of these two patterns you're using.

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So the first pattern would be more of a slam down towards the golf ball.

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So it would basically be like picking the medicine ball up and then slamming it into the ground.

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You can see that that would have much more of a vertical chop or motion body going down just like this.

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Now the second option is I could bring the club back and then I could throw the ball out towards the target.

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I'll do this in kind of slow motion because I don't want to have to chase it before I do the second demonstration.

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So I'm going to instead of slamming it down towards the ground, I'm going to turn my body and extend it out towards the target.

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Okay, now here's the tricky thing.

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The difference between those two isn't really going to show up through this part of the swing.

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It's more going to show up through this part of the swing.

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If you have more of the medicine ball slam idea, then when you get to about this part of the swing,

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the club is going to start dumping and you'll start to see more of a scoop style or a cast style or an earlier more aggressive arm action.

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If you have more of the second option where you're doing more of that side arm throw,

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then through here you'll see more of the wipe action, you'll see more of a retain leg.

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You may even see a little bit of increased flex in that trail elbow as the club works across.

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And then the arm extension will happen through the ball instead of at the ball.

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So the key is looking in this zone here and it's easiest to see from the face on camera right through here.

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So some of you may benefit from practicing medicine ball kind of horizontal chop style exercises.

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Now the key here is making a backswing and then blending it into that horizontal chop or side arm throw.

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Because most of you will feel that when your arms are up like this, they're more loaded and firing down.

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But you could imagine letting the momentum kind of build through here and then really turning it into a side arm throw.

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It's part of the reason why 9 to 3's work so well.

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Or I should say this difference is part of the reason why 9 to 3's work so well.

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When you're doing a 9 to 3, you're bringing it back to about this height here.

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I'm not really, I'm not really powerful. I haven't loaded a whole lot of vertical height.

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So I'm more in a position where I would do almost like a medicine ball throw up that way or across as opposed to a medicine ball throw down.

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That's why often in 9 to 3's it's much easier to get a better power source, a better sequencing, more shaft lean, a better release pattern.

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And then if you then start breaking down when you take it up to full swing, that's probably a sign that you may be using more of this vertical energy pattern as opposed to more of the rotational pattern.

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So when you do the side arm throws with a medicine ball, and I would recommend a lighter medicine ball.

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Let's see if you can get a full backswing and then wait long enough so that down here you can turn and take that momentum and turn it into momentum towards the target instead of momentum straight down towards the golf ball.

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That would look something like this.

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Now there are a few barriers that you might come up against if you're trying to do the same pattern of more that side arm throw.

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If you have not shallow the arm, so if the arms are working very steep and then you try to throw it in front, you'd be very outside in and very steep.

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You'd have chunky leading edge contact.

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Also, you're bringing the club down and the club is getting pulled into more of a narrow club face open position like this.

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Well then if you continued rotating the club face would be wide open.

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So you do have to balance your your path and how you're balancing your steepest in shallows and the club face.

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But I use this general concept for training your overall power sources and make sure you're getting more of that rotary sequence instead of quite as much of an upper body pull.

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Then you have to work with the pattern that you have and know that you're going to struggle a little bit with the driver or anything with that's longer with low loft.

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And you may struggle with toe contact and certain predictable inconsistencies in club face control.

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But if you get your rhythm on and you're using more that upper body throw, you can still have a pretty successful golf outing.

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There's tends to not be as consistent day to day as golfers who have more of this side arm rotational pattern.

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Again, you can reveal that or you can see what that's going to look like based on this part here between there and there versus there and there.

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That will help you see what direction you're applying the force to the club and how it would ultimately relate to this overall style of how you're creating energy.

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So this would be more of the wipe style more of that rotational pattern.

00:05:54,000 --> 00:05:58,000
That's going the energy is going out around more like that.

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And then this next one will be more of the vertical pull.

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So both of those shots would have been acceptable they finished about five yards apart.

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So with a seven iron it's not going to cause that much of a dispersion difference or inconsistency pattern.

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You saw the first one I had better ground contact, little better flat spot that would show up more when I'm hitting along your clubs.

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So if you struggle with your longer clubs take a look at your video and see if it could be related to your overall power source and sequencing.

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Thank you.

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