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Discussing the 3 Consistency Keys

One of the most endearing and often times frustrating parts of golf can be the "highs" and "lows" that come with playing the game. Without a doubt, a request that I hear from almost every student is that they would like to become more "consistent". Or in other words, they would like to hit their good shots more often and make their bad shots less penalizing. This is obviously easier said than done as some of the best players in the world still struggle with being consistent week in and week out. 

However, if we chunk the solution to this challenge into 3 key areas - swing plane, low point control, and face-to-path control - we can get a pretty clear idea as to what is causing the majority of issues for a player. Specifically, we know that looking at swing plane will help reveal the pattern and severity of curvature for our shots, flat spot length (and "arc width" on 3D) will reveal our "margin for error" or tendency to rely on timing, and the face to path relationship will clue us into our ability to start the ball down the intended target line.

Ultimately, if you can balance out all (3) of these areas, you will have the recipe for hitting a lot of well struck golf shots that start down your line and fly relatively straight. However, if any one of these keys to consistency are out of order, you are going to rely more on compensation and timing, which will be an issue for your development in the long run. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Concept, Advanced

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