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Lead Arm Whip

This is an advanced release drill for training the lead arm. Learning the rhythm of the lead arm whip can help unlock low point control and delay the closing of the club face. If you've worked on your release but still struggle with pulls and toe shots, then this could be the missing piece for your swing. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Release, Drill, Advanced

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The drill is the lead arm whip. So the lead arm whip is kind of isolating the left side or the lead side of the white movement.

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And the white movement is getting the club back out in front or sorry getting the grip in your hands

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Back out in front of your body before the U then start to extend them or straighten them.

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What many offers obviously, circle with is the club or the hands get more behind.

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And the club gets in front that has more of kind of a scoop style as opposed to the hands getting in front.

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The club still behind that ends up having a whole lot of power and leg.

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Some golfers when they try to do it from the trail arm, it's just a nightmare.

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They tend to leave the face wide open.

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They tend to really kind of go low to high and hit a lot of chunk shots or blade and shot.

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And they just have a hard time getting that trail arm to coordinate the white movement.

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So sometimes we have to teach it more from the left side or the lead arm.

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So the lead arm whip, you can see with a lot of kind of longer hitters.

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Well, basically, be from about here that arm is going to disconnect slightly off the body and then it will straighten as it starts rotating.

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And it'll have this appearance of almost a extra little whip.

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Guys like Ray Mart, Macaroi, Charles, how the third, there's lots of golfers who are lighter and really long and they tend to have a good amount of this lead arm whip action.

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To train it, I'm going to isolate the left arm.

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So what we have to learn is we have to learn to kind of pull that arm across before it then straightens.

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Instead of just straightening straight from the top.

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So you're going to take your lead arm for right hand golfers as the left arm, place it on your right shoulder.

00:01:44,000 --> 00:01:48,000
And you're going to bring that elbow across before you straighten it.

00:01:48,000 --> 00:01:51,000
So it's kind of across like this. There's a little shoulder rotation.

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It's going to come across and then straighten.

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Kind of like this. Now at the same time, you'll see that as it kind of straightens when I coordinate it with my body, my body keeps rotating.

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So then once I've got kind of this feeling of the arm working more across and straightening instead of just straightening,

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I can integrate it into single arm drills.

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If I was to not do a good little wipe and just kind of cast the club, get the arm out in front of my body,

00:02:23,000 --> 00:02:27,000
I would tend to have more chunky style contact like this.

00:02:27,000 --> 00:02:36,000
If I had a little bit better coordination with that, I would tend to possibly even pull it like I did right there.

00:02:37,000 --> 00:02:43,000
If we compare that to bringing the arm across and then in front, that really helps with compression.

00:02:43,000 --> 00:02:49,000
So we'll bring the flight down. That helps with low point getting it out in front of the golf ball and so making solid contact.

00:02:49,000 --> 00:02:54,000
And it helps with keeping the path going out to the right because I'm delaying the width of the circle.

00:02:54,000 --> 00:03:03,000
Those three keys are why a lot of really long but lighter golfers tend to utilize this lead arm whip feeling.

00:03:03,000 --> 00:03:11,000
So to do it correctly, I'm going to take it back to about my three clock position, get just a little bit of bend of the elbow.

00:03:11,000 --> 00:03:15,000
Now you'll see that I'm not really flying that arm away.

00:03:15,000 --> 00:03:18,000
I'm bringing it from behind to in front.

00:03:18,000 --> 00:03:24,000
So I'm bringing it from behind my sternum to just ahead of my sternum as it's straightens.

00:03:24,000 --> 00:03:29,000
But the shoulder is still staying in good alignment. It's not pulling away.

00:03:29,000 --> 00:03:31,000
I'm not disconnecting that shoulder blade.

00:03:31,000 --> 00:03:36,000
So it's just a subtle little lead arm whip kind of like so.

00:03:36,000 --> 00:03:40,000
It gets that good compression, both light down, path starting more out to the right.

00:03:40,000 --> 00:03:43,000
So the golf ball launches a little bit more to the right.

00:03:43,000 --> 00:03:48,000
If you do this move well, you should have a very hard time pulling the ball.

00:03:48,000 --> 00:03:56,000
Then you can put both hands on and you can either emphasize that whip component with almost nobody.

00:03:57,000 --> 00:04:08,000
Or you can try and coordinate it with the body so it'll be more of just a subtle little lead arm whip.

00:04:08,000 --> 00:04:10,000
Kind of like that.

00:04:10,000 --> 00:04:15,000
Once you have a decent handle, you can take it up to bigger swings and integrate it into your full swing.

00:04:15,000 --> 00:04:22,000
Full swing integrating that lead arm whip.

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