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Rope Swinging - Feeling Body Power At Home

Swinging a rope will challenge you to use your whole body to swing the object instead of just your arms. It also challenges your core to stabilize one area of your body while moving another. In this video, you will learn some of my favorite rope swinging activities including: Lateral bounding, lunges, squats, and side to side wall slams.

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This video is rope swings and we're going to take a look at how swinging a rope can help

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you develop your golf swing. So this has become a lot more popular thanks to Rob

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Holding and Dr. Juan. But I first learned about it from a brilliant trainer named

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Janayau Exander eight years ago or so and I'm going to show you some my favorite

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ways to use a rope to help train the swinging mechanism in your golf swing. So

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there are a couple different ways that you can use it but the general reason why it

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works is basically if I apply force to a rope with just my hands there's a

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there's kind of a split second because this is so flexible where you'll see

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I apply force and the rope just kind of hangs out there. So it ends up kind of

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there's a little jarring transition to it where if I get it there and then I

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I move my whole body and then as the rope is swinging then apply my arms I don't

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feel that same jarring transition. So you can do them in your golf posture. I'm not

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a huge fan of doing it with a golf ball there because I want the rope actually

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swinging out the head of the golf ball as opposed to down into it. So as opposed

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to having the maximum radius and all my speed pick up there I actually want that

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speed out in front of this argument if I'm making it more similar to the timing

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that we would use for golf club. But basically what you're going to do is you get

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up to the top of the swing, let the rope collect and then you're going to swing

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down and the first thing you're going to do is you'll want to pull with your

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body. So I usually have my students feel it both ways so go up to the top of

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the swing and go arms first and then body and you'll be like all right I was a

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little weird it was kind of peaking back there and just didn't feel very very

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smooth and then second you can exaggerate start with the body and then

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swing the arms. So that's one way to use the rope. This is a four foot rope

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you can they sell my home depot and lows. You can use it as that swinging

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coordination to really work on sequencing and path. If you can do that really well

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and then you can do it with the golf club and you get a good kind of similar feeling so

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you get that same kind of sequencing and it feels like it's really

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extending out there but then you can't do it when the golf balls there there's a

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good chance that it's more of a club face issue than a true path sequencing

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issue. So what I'm going to show you is some of the things that I learned from

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Janet Alexander so I'll show other ways that you can use this at home and it's

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really just building a skill of being able to control a rope or control a swinging

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motion with your arms while your body is doing something else because it doesn't

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really matter what that something else is that skill is going to have some good

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transfer to it. So I'm going to show you a few of my favorites but there's

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probably infinite possibilities you could come up with with this. So first one we're

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going to do is just the side-to-side weight shift. So you're going to get the rope

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swinging at kind of a comfortable pace. So now my core is worried about

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stabilizing my shoulder girdle for my arms and now I'm going to challenge my core in my legs to do

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something while keeping a fluid swing of the arms. So first one I'm going to do is kind of a

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side-to-side step or it could be as big as a lateral bound but the goal is to have a fluid

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rotation of the rope. If I find that every time I step it's kind of like I have to stop the rope

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then it means that my core is challenged too much trying to do something with the arms in the leg.

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Okay so we got lateral bound. For all of these if you're going for speed you want to do about 15

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seconds or left. Less if you're going for more endurance I would tend to go up to about a minute.

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So next one we do would be lunges and you can do them in any different direction so again

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getting that smooth rotation and then doing either a forward lunge, a backward lunge,

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a lateral lunge, any of the different kind of good lunge directions. Again challenging your upper body

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and your core to stabilize both ends at the same time. Next one we'll do a squats and then we'll do

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one of my favorites and one of my students' favorites. So again arms swinging the rope overhead

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and then just kind of comfortably I didn't like to do this one for speed but just doing kind of a

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comfortable, almost squat pattern. Really challenges your core to stabilize both the rib gauge

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and your pelvis while doing kind of complicated tasks. So the last one we're going to do is

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pure core rotation. We're going to use the wall. So these walls work pretty well. It's a little

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challenge at home most people don't have kind of a widen of space so you may have to do this outside.

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I'm going to show you you can do this doubled up but for this one in particular I really like

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the rope all the way out so four foot rope. So I'm going to get my back just a little bit away from

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the wall and I'm going to challenge myself to use kind of my good golf posture and I'm going to

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challenge myself to use my core to move this rope around. So I'm not my arms are relatively relaxed

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and just staying in that same orientation out in front of my body and I can add a little bit of the

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weight shift to it. So you'll see that this one isn't too challenging in the half zone but if I let

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the rope all the way out. Now it takes some really good core acceleration but in kind of a smooth

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fashion if I kind of really quickly change the rope it messes up my contact on the next side. So

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if I do it more with my arms like I actually hit myself on the side on that one but if I do it more

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fluidly with the core and kind of feeling the weight of the rope I can do this one pretty safely.

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So those are some of my favorite core activities 15 or 60 seconds depending on what you're trying to

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you can use it to develop sequencing just setting up to a golf ball but swinging with a rope

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is basically an exaggerated version it transfers a lot of same skills that we're going to want to use

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with a golf club. This is a good one especially getting into the off season of ways that you can just

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get better at swinging an object. Start with a four foot rope.

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