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Pelvis to Club X Factor

Having the lower body sufficiently lead the upper body in transition is an important move for arm shallowing. Players who struggle with an over the top move or who are prone to hitting large hooks will typically not have enough separation between their pelvis and the club shaft halfway down. Training some single arm swings with an alignment stick on the pelvis can help players visualize and feel the amount of lower body rotation needed in transition and impact to create good arm shallowing and a proper release. 

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Transition, Drill, Advanced

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This drill is pelvis to club X-factor.

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So pelvis to club X-factor is looking at a key relationship between the club shaft and

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your pelvis.

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I'm going to use an alignment stick to help make it easier to see where my pelvis is facing.

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The original X-factor looks at the difference between your upper body and your lower body.

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Primarily from overhead view.

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So you create kind of a difference between your upper body and lower body, which would

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create this X-type shape and what they hypothesized was the bigger the X-factor or the further

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you'd hit it or it got revised to say that the more you created a stretch between the

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two on the downswing and the faster you caught the top piece up to the bottom piece.

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So the faster you close that X-factor stretch the further you'd hit it.

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Well, I'm going to give you a different X-factor, one relating the club shaft to the pelvis,

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to help you understand how shallow it works and what you might have to feel if you're trying

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to get out of an over the top swing pattern.

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For some of you, this is part of an overly inside out swing pattern.

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So basically what we're going to look at is the relationship between the club shaft and the

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And in order for me to swing from the inside, if I have this alignment stick up against the pelvis,

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I'm going to create almost a 90 degree angle between the pelvis and the club shaft.

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It's not quite 90 degrees, it's a hard thing to measure, so I don't know exactly what the

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number is.

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But visually, at about this shaft parallel checkpoint, the hips will be, you know, 30 degrees

00:01:42,000 --> 00:01:45,000
open and the club will be slightly inside.

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It creates a relationship just like so.

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Many golfers who are more upper body dominant will tend to see is that at about half

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way down the club and the pelvis will be pointed in the same direction.

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And what happens is if that's the case, you'll never be able to really get your lower

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body to lead because the lower body leads, the more that the club gets overly outside.

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Where this relates to some of those golfers who hit more of a hook is you can get the

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two pointed in the same direction kind of like this where the arms are working steep and

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the pelvis is still relatively square.

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So whether your pattern is more of an outside in pattern or whether your pattern is more

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of an inside out pattern to hit kind of big draws big hooks, then either way, it could

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be a sign of lacking some of this arm shallow.

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So what I'm going to do on this next one is I'm going to try and increase the difference

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between those two and I'm going to slide this so that you can still see the angle but

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it no longer impedes my arm movement because where I had it before when they were dead

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parallel, would have actually gotten in the way.

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So now I'm going to do just a little pump and you can put the club between through your

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belt loops or sorry the shaft between your belt loops if you want to be able to do

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this with both hands.

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But what you'll see is that by getting these two at a greater angle it will be much easier

00:03:23,000 --> 00:03:29,000
for you to swing from the inside but it will also take a feeling of letting the club

00:03:29,000 --> 00:03:34,000
weight a little bit longer in order to get the hips open with the club back.

00:03:34,000 --> 00:03:42,000
So now that you've seen the relationship I'll do a couple focusing on it without the club

00:03:42,000 --> 00:03:45,000
shaft in the belt loops.

00:03:45,000 --> 00:03:50,000
So now I'm going to focus on getting it more and more behind just kind of like so so that

00:03:50,000 --> 00:03:55,000
I can visualize that same angle and hopefully you can see it from that downline camera

00:03:55,000 --> 00:03:56,000

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So you can do this in either a pump style or you could do it in a 9 to 3.

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So as a 9 to 3 you're going to get in this position now everything is kind of square.

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I'm going to preset that lower body open and then swing through from there.

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So good release mechanics will be easier to do from this X factor position between the

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pelvis and the shaft.

00:04:22,000 --> 00:04:28,000
So now I'm going to do more of a pump style so I'm going to bring it up and get that club

00:04:28,000 --> 00:04:30,000
well behind compared to the pelvis.

00:04:30,000 --> 00:04:34,000
I'm going to try to really exaggerate it and use that pelvis getting open in order to bring

00:04:34,000 --> 00:04:38,000
the club in front not using my arms.

00:04:38,000 --> 00:04:40,000
So pump it again.

00:04:40,000 --> 00:04:50,000
So there pump it again back up and then pump and you'll see that it creates a look that most

00:04:50,000 --> 00:04:55,000
of you are trying to get and if you are used to getting the club totally parallel to your

00:04:55,000 --> 00:05:00,000
pelvis either because you get too far from the inside or too far from the outside.

00:05:00,000 --> 00:05:04,000
If the club shaft is parallel to your pelvis at waist parallel it's going to be really hard

00:05:04,000 --> 00:05:09,000
for you to do either a really good motorcycle movement or it's going to be really hard for

00:05:09,000 --> 00:05:13,000
you to lead the downswing with your lower body and those are two key components of

00:05:13,000 --> 00:05:14,000
really solid ball striking.

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