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Connecting Trail Wrist to Motorcycle

Having two arms on the club can create challenges. Sometimes your brain wants to do the right thing with one arm, but it's blocked by the movement of the other. In this case, the trail shoulder position can make it more challenging to properly rotate the shaft during the downswing. This shaft rotation is important for low point control, compression, and sequencing.

Tags: Poor Contact, Chicken Wing, Cast, Backswing, Transition, Concept, Beginner

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This video is connecting the trail elbow to the motorcycle.

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So many golfers struggle with kind of a scoop flip combo down at the bottom like so.

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And in order to improve that pattern there's a few things that you have to do differently

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with the arms.

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One of the main ones is working on the motorcycle.

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Well there's a position of a relationship between where that trail arm is and how well

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you're going to be able to do that motorcycle.

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So the motorcycle is the shaft twist and with the lead wrist that's going to be a

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flexion with the trail wrist that's going to be an extension.

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Now if I get up and I go to extend the wrist from this position I've got a fair amount

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of range of motion.

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Now if I was to put my arms and I'm an exaggerating and put my arms way behind my back

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you'll see that I'm somewhat limited in how much I can then extend that wrist.

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The more that I get the arm out in front the easier it is to keep that wrist extended

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and the more that it gets behind the more that the wrist will want to go into flexion.

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So if you're working on getting that motorcycle to happen but that trail elbow is getting

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more behind you then you may run into a problem especially if you have really active

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So if you have a lot of grip pressure and you're trying to motorcycle when you get that

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arm behind you you're going to be in a lot of trouble.

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So working on that motorcycle combination with getting that right arm just a little bit

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more in front of your body will help set you up for a club face position.

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We'll be able to extend your arms on the way through without any chicken wing and without

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any flip.

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That's why both of the trail elbow and the motorcycle are both components of the delivery

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position training.

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So whether you're doing some delivery goes, some stop drills, some pump drills.

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If you're working on a good delivery position you're automatically relating the

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amount of rotation with that lead wrist to the position of the trail elbow but if you're

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not training them together watch out for that trail elbow getting behind it can be a big

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block from the motorcycle.

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It'll block it and make it look more like this.

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I struggle with more toe hood toe hits.

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However if you do them together big motorcycle arm in front you'll be able to get a much

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more penetrating ball flight and control low point a whole lot easier.

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