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Fix Your Slice

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Motorcycle With Right Or Left Arm

The motorcycle movement is a key component to a body-centered downswing. If you want to power the swing with your whole body and create more of a rotational pattern, you need to have the club face rotated to the shaft. This can be done with either the right or the left hand, so it's important to experiment and figure out which is most useful for you. This drill helps you identify a simple way to identify which side you will be more dominant with.

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This is right verse left motorcycle.

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So you'll see on here that I'm really big in finding the details that click for each golfer.

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And we know that we need to have some shaft rotation early if we're going to have more of this body pivot and kind of tour impact like conditions.

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So the thing that I don't really care is I don't care too much if it's more of the lead wrist doing the motorcycle move or the trail wrist doing more of the throwers catch move or the road

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or the right hand motorcycle but trying to get the club to rotate.

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But I've had a number of golfers who were trying to do it with one or the other and then I put them in the position and I simply ask which one do you feel kind of more tensioner

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which one do you feel is more different than your normal pattern and it out in and it up being the opposite in one case.

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You was trying to do it with his right and he said no I feel it more in the left.

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I've never thought of swinging with my left hand and we worked on that and it was able to clean up pretty nicely.

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The other golfer felt like he was flexing like crazy but because of what was happening in the right wrist wasn't working out.

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So figuring out which one helps you can help if you're struggling with getting this face rotation piece.

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So you'll know that you're struggling with the face rotation piece.

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If from the face sewing camera you have a little bit more of kind of that look to it as opposed to that's more of the look of the face rotation version of the release.

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So what I recommend is get into delivery position kind of like this and then to exaggerate it really kind of crank on your body and exaggerating get it even more open.

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And then ask yourself which one if you close your eyes which one feels more different is it more my left wrist.

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Boat like so we're normally it would be kind of like this or is it the right wrist more extended and even a little bit more on top of the shaft.

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We're normally it feels like it would be kind of straight and underneath kind of like that.

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So you can figure out which hand tends to feel different or is potentially blocking you from getting that shaft rotation and then you can train it with some of the single arm release drills or with the single arm throw drills or with delivery and pump delivery and go and things where you're kind of presetting some of those rotations.

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But that rotation is really key for getting into a body impact position kind of like so if you're struggling with having a little bit more of the body impact position looking more like that then figure out which one of the wrist is ultimately going to help you feel that rotation at the right time during the swing and that can potentially unlock where you're trying to get it impact now I'm going to feel mostly left.

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That felt pretty good now I'm going to do mostly right so right kind of like so.

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And that felt good but didn't feel quite as free through the ball.

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I'm a little bit better focusing on the left wrist like a lot of torporos so for me that's why it's more of the motorcycle.

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And less of the throwers catch but you can figure out which of these two movements relates the shaft rotation to your swing.

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