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Fix Your Slice

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Check Grip At Last Parallel - Club Face Checkpoint

Most golfers tend to look at the grip during set up, and then never adjust it. A grip is designed to match what the body does, so I find that it's more useful to check your grip on video during the downswing. This is a superior way because you can adjust your grip or release based on the location of the club and face just before it actually hits the ball, which is all that really matters.

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This drill video is checking the grip at last parallel.

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So one of the tricky things to figure out is how strong should your grip be?

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Think about it.

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I mean, we work off of a model that's based off of what would be ideal by mechanics,

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but not everybody uses what would be ideal by mechanics.

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So how should we decide what your grip strength should really be?

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Well, one of the ways that I've had some of the most success is if we check last parallel.

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So let's say I'm hitting it out in the weeds over here.

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If I was to take a full swing and I was to come down to this position right here.

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This is when the club is last parallel to the ground, and this is a great place to check

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and see if you need to make a grip change or not.

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Because with modern high speed video, it's pretty clear that you can see whether that left

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the wrist is cupped, flat or boat.

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And as a result, you can see where the club faces either straight up, open, clothes, whatever

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you want to call it.

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But what you can see is if you get into this position and that left wrist is pretty

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flat and your club face is straight up and down, then you probably even if you feel

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like you have a strong grip, you probably don't because it wouldn't be possible for you

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to have that left wrist boat in the toe straight up and down.

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I've had the number of times with people who are first learning how to do the motorcycle.

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They find out that they had to not only do the motorcycle, but they had to strengthen their

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grip just a little bit.

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The other thing can happen is if the club is pointed way down and you have that left

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wrist cup, then the motorcycle is probably not the best move for what you're doing currently

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with your grip or what you would need to do is slightly weaken your grip.

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This is definitely the less common of it too.

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What I typically see is a good wrist position, but a club face that is open because most

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people aren't aware of how to check the grip strength of their grip.

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So just a quick refresher from the grip video, if you take your normal grip and then you

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were to hold the left wrist so that it's flat and vertical like so, we want that club

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face to be somewhere 20 to 30 degrees compared to zero.

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So if we had zero right here, that angle to the club face should be 20 to 30 degrees

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for a neutral grip.

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Many, many times I will have players who straighten that arm and it looks just like that.

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And there's you basically can't have body rotation if you're going to have that grip unless

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you have just a massive bowing in the left wrist like something guys on tour do.

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So check the grip at last parallel or if I've told you or highlighting your video, this

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is what I meant when if we look at the last parallel your grip reveals that we might

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want to do some strengthening with it and this is a good strategy for how to determine

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when and why.

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