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Fix Your Slice

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Rate Of Motorcycle - Shaft And Club Face Rotation Training

Many golfers struggle with the feeling of the motorcycle. Often, they do not do the movement early enough, or for a long enough. This video helps you visualize the movement of the clubface for the stock swing.

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Tags: Not Straight Enough, Cast, Draw vs Fade, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is rate of motorcycle.

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So motorcycle is talked about a lot on this site because it's one of those really critical

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In fact, if I had to pick my top two or three movements, the motorcycle is going to be one

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of those movements that has just the biggest, most profound effect on most golfers.

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Essentially, the motorcycle is just the timing of when you start closing the clubface.

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So one of the ways that I like to demonstrate this to people is showing them on 3D

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one of these graphs, where we look at call axial velocity.

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Basically what you'll see is if we were to look at the straight line of the club just

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like so, the amount that it is open or closed or the speed that is going like this is

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what we call axial velocity.

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So what I feel that a lot of the best ball strikers do is they will tend to have the rate of

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this clubface rotating, kind of like this.

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If we go up to the top of the swing and then on the way down it's going to look

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kind of like this.

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So as it's moving it's just kind of closing.

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It almost the constant speed the whole time.

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What I explain in the motorcycle timing and when I'm talking to people about the motorcycle,

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what often happens is either it will go open kind of like so and then close very very

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quickly or it will close very quickly and then kind of open or try to open.

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It doesn't actually do that but they'll basically hold off that closing as best they

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can through the release.

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What I'm looking for is kind of a constant rate where a constant speed of this motorcycle

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What that looks like in the swing will be relatively hard to see because it'll look like

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a normal clubface position.

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But as I talk about in the motorcycle timing, if your clubface is pointing way open at this

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point then you're going to have to kind of slam it shut and while that may not truly

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affect clubbed speed it may not actually affect the delivery, what it will really do

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is it will affect your body position so it'll force you to get that path in a different

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way that tends to be less consistent.

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So when you're working on this motorcycle movement just create this image in your mind that

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this club is going to be basically going like this, the entire downswing, pretty much

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until you reach that follow-through position and that'll typically help smooth out if you're

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having trouble either not doing it long enough or not doing it early enough.

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This way of thinking about it has cleared up some issues for a number of students so hopefully

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it helps you with the timing of your motorcycle movement.

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