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Fix Your Slice

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Hands In Club Out - Pool Noodle

Players fighting a pull or slice usually assume the cause is a steep transition or a lack of arm shallowing. However, I have seen several students who transition properly, but still struggle with these ball flights. In these cases, what we typically see is an overactive right arm or "flip" through the hitting area. This produces the excessive leftward path responsible for a pull or slice, depending on the orientation of the face, and is purely a release problem. To work on this pattern, players can place a pool noodle slightly outside their lead leg, but just inside the shaft of the club at address. You can then make some low momentum 9 to 3 swings and note whether or not you are making contact with the noodle. If you are struggling and are afraid to progress to half or full shots, you will want to focus on maintaining the extension of the right wrist and flexion in the left, while making sure to continue rotating through the release and into the finish. Combining good body rotation with soft arms and the correct wrist movements will allow for the clubhead to stay outside your hands and will produce a very neutral path. This should clean-up any contact issues as well. Ultimately, it is when the right arm takes over and the body stalls that the handle moves out, the club moves in, and the two-way miss comes into play, so be sure to pay attention to the proper combination of body and wrist movements. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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