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Get Your Supination From Arm Extension -

One of the key moves to good driving is having enough lead arm supination on the way through impact. But many golfers don't get that supination when they try to supinate. Instead, I encourage a softer arm tension and more arm extension to allow for the supination to happen naturally. Combined with ulnar deviation, that arm extension and supination helps create width in the follow through. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Draw vs Fade, Impact, Follow Through, Concept, Intermediate

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This content video is get your supination from arm extension.

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So I have a handful of videos on the timing and the direction that the arms extend and

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making sure that the arms are extending through the ball and out in front of the ball instead

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of at the ball.

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A lot of movements were bodies tend to stall or you tend to have more of a scoop or

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you tend to have more of a stand up.

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Those stem from having your arm extension at the ball.

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Now whether that's more to help you control low point and make solid contact or to help

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you square the face, that takes a little bit of investigation, but the arm direction

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is a key component to a good solid release.

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Now the purpose of this video is to help you feel how your arms extending from a already

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rotated position because you did a little bit of arm shallowing will cause them to want

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to rotate if they're rotating while staying fairly loose and relaxed.

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Where golfers tend to have stalled rotation, tends to come more from grip tension or basically

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squeezing onto the club to stop it from rotating and then bending the arms.

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This can either come from outside in, kind of like that.

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Then if I kept my arms extending the club would slay him into the ground so I tense my

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arms and hold off the rotation.

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Or the low point is going to hit behind the golf ball so I tense my arms to bend my

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arms slightly so that I can just just barely pick the ball and avoid hitting it fat.

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But the arm extension direction and the kind of the combination of having that motorcycle

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and then extending those arms out in front from a rotated position will create enough

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supination if you let it.

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What I find is that some golfers first getting into that pattern will tend to prevent the

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supination or the rotation on the way through and that limits your arm extension on the way

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So to feel that I like to get into delivery position and do either the pumps or the delivery

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and go and basically from here I'm going to extend my arms and by extending my arms that's

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going to cause them to rotate.

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I am not getting into this position and then kind of actively rotating this way because

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if I actively rotate this way it's very hard to then get the shalloness from the supination.

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So if I actively rotate more on top I will tend to have kind of more of a steep chunky

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pull kind of like that which can be useful as a troubleshot for getting out of the trees

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but that's about it.

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My arms are in a rotated position in this delivery position.

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They're nice and shallow like this and then as I go to extend them they are going to rotate

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purely because I'm extending from a already rotated position and then the weight of the

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club and the momentum is going to help encourage that supination on the way through.

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So we're going to do a couple where we focus on that soft grip pressure letting those arms

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rotate on the way through because I extended them from a rotated position.

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So to work through it I'm going to do a few of kind of that feeling of that arm extension

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out in front and feeling that lead thumb throw away in order to allow that extension to

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create that rotation and then I'm going to take that feeling and I'm going to apply it

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in a pump style move so I'm going to get into a good shallow position and then I'm going to

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pump more through the release kind of like this and then let it go with enough softness and

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enough decreased arm tension to let it supinate and I'll know that I allowed it to supinate

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because I'll get arm extension on the way through where it's very hard if you have a lot of

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grip pressure grip tension to have either the supination or the arm extension.

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So then I'll do it just as they stand along swing without the pump in it.

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More like that.

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