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Screwdriver - Training Face Rotation With A Remote Controller

This is a simple drill for practicing squaring the clubface by rotating the shaft instead of squaring the face by moving the shaft.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Transition, Drill

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This drill is the screwdriver drill or the TV remote screwdriver drill.

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So if you remember from the concept video during transition, during release, we want to make sure that we're squaring the club face by rotating the face around the axis of the shaft as opposed to squaring the face by moving the entire shaft.

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Okay, so just as a quick little reminder, if I have my hands ahead in the club faces open like so, I can either square it by rotating the face just by turning the shaft or by moving the entire shaft behind like so.

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We would prefer doing it this way because that will allow us to have the bottom of swing ahead the golf ball and hit the ball solidly.

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So it's a weird move if you remember from the motorcycle drill, it's a weird move if you're not used to doing it.

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So you want to get used to doing it with something that's very safe, different from the golf club.

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So we're going to take the trustee TV remote or a sharpie, take your normal grip and you're going to practice just flexing the left wrist and extending the right wrist like so.

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And then if you get really brave you can go from here and then you can put it in that delivery position.

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If you get even braver you can go here, put it in delivery position and then extend the arms trying to keep this left wrist, boat right wrist cup.

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This would be just after impact because my body would have had the shift, the weight shift, the side bend and all the rotation that we talked about.

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So it's a good thing to just practice letting these wrists work like so, which is left wrist is flexing like this.

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And the right wrist is going to be extending for a right hand and golfer.

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Those combined do that movement and that helps square the club face early so that you don't have to flip it at the bottom.

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