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Fix Your Slice

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Pool Noodle - Right Club Path

Many golfers are aware of their steep or shallow club path. Learning the right movements to balance it out is a big step if you are able to feel those movements. Some golfers struggle with feel and will do better using visual feedback to help them develop feel. This drill helps you overcome an overly out-to-in path at two key places: delivery position and follow through position. This style of training can be really helpful for visual learners to work on their swing plane or club path.

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Tags: Not Straight Enough, Draw vs Fade, Drill, Intermediate

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This series is visual training with the foam noodles.

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So on this site, I have lots of detailed field drills and frequently, golfers are able to overcome their barriers by finally feeling what a key part of their body is supposed to do during a key phase of the swing.

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But some golfers are not too in tune with their feel.

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So if you have a hard time paying attention to your feel, you've got to use a different system of feedback until you can get that feel.

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Frequently, I'll use foam noodles to use visual feedback to help ensure that a golfer is kind of doing it correctly and give them a chance to kind of

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Spatially create the image of what they think it should look like in their mind.

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Once they've done that for, let's say, a week, two weeks, typically what happens is then they'll be able to finally feel the difference between the good and the bad.

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You struggle with creating feels or you try to make changes and they don't really show up on video because you're just trying, you haven't confirmed a feel that can actually create the change.

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Then experiment with using some of the visual feedback, whether it's a foam noodle or a position checkpoint to make sure that you're doing it correctly.

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In this pool noodle drill, we're going to work on getting the right word club path.

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So I've got to do it yourself set up and we'll go over that here in a second.

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But basically imagine if I'm hitting it straight away from the camera kind of like so.

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I may not be able to feel some of these arm shallow wings or some of the, you know, Jackson 5 or body position stuff.

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If I'm trying to train my visual sense, I want to experiment with where is the club in this space.

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I lose focus of it when I'm when I'm looking at the golf ball sometimes it's hard to see exactly where the club is here.

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So what I'll frequently do in the lessons I'll go up to the top of the swing and then I'll take the club and kind of put it roughly on that angle.

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So it'll be coming in sort of like this and then I'll ask them to make some practice moves trying to get the club to swing on the inside of it.

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Then I can go to the follow-through side and put the club a little bit outside like this and say I want you to try to swing the club to the outside through here.

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Now that may feel and then I'll ask how does that relate to the target?

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You may feel like either it's more body rotation but the club is still out.

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You may feel like the club is swinging way out to the right of where the target is.

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But what'll happen is when you start to work with the visual space your brain will start to associate some fields.

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So here's the little do-it-yourself version.

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Basically here I've got my target line.

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Right and again with all these I don't like to use this as a physical barrier that prevents me from swinging.

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I prefer to use it as a visual training station.

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So I imagine that the golf ball is here I'm going to go up to the top of my swing and I'm going to try to get the club either.

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Parallel or inside parallel as I come down.

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I'm going to do it with a little bit of speed and just kind of associate where is that spatially.

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Try to create like a visual map of where that swing.

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Now the good thing about this one is you can put it roughly the same angle on the follow-through position.

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You just have to experiment with the height.

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So now if I'm moving to the other side of the ball I can get set up.

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Move that there.

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Got this going a little bit more out to the right and I can practice swinging.

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Getting it to miss to the outside through there.

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If I'm used to getting a little bit more of a roll release that's going to feel very restricted.

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But once I get over that I now have some spatial awareness.

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If I stand here I can kind of visualize okay that one was going here that one was going there.

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How do I get the club to swing?

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Okay so now I'm going to try doing that and I'm just going to see what happens.

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If I try to swing a little bit more from the inside there to a little bit more of the outside there.

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I'll get this shallowness to the contact and the ball may go off to the right.

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If it goes off to the right then what I can do is I can try to experiment with rolling the club face or rotating the shaft in order to square the club face.

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Because what frequently happens is this path is now out to the right but the club face may not be open if I didn't roll it.

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If I didn't rotate the shaft and square the club face using more of the motorcycle.

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So what I may do is in my mind think that I have to get the club out there in order to square it.

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So that would be using the path to square the face and this gives me a visual spatial representation of what I'm doing.

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So this is how it looks from the down the line roughly 10 degrees in now compared to the target line at a bow hip height.

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So I can use my eyes to kind of start training some of these fields.

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So you can see that from there that looks relatively normal compared to the camera but to me that may look.

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If I then move from looking at the club to looking back at the ball, it may look like it's coming weighted from the inside.

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So that may look to me like more normal but now I have this reference that I can use to start building the fields.

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Once I have this kind of in my mind this visual of where I wanted to swing, I can try and take a few reps recreating that map in my head or recreating that barrier in my head.

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Secondly with this one you can do it on the opposite side of the ball.

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So I can take some swings again this is about 10 degrees in doubt and I can take some swings just letting the club swing out there again looking at the ball, looking at the club, looking at the target.

00:05:52,000 --> 00:05:57,000
Going back and forth in kind of creating the visual map of where I want this to actually swing.

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Once I have that idea in place I can step up to the ball and take a few reps.

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Thanks for watching!

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