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Foam Roller Motorcycle Training

Using a foam roller can help train your club face awareness by learning to rotate the shaft. When gripping a foam roller your hands are further apart and you will feel an exaggerated feeling of what each arm must do.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Cast, Draw vs Fade, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is training the motorcycle with a foam roller.

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So the motorcycle movement or feeling the shaft rotation can be a subtle experience for many golfers.

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Your hands are really close together and the object is pretty light.

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So sometimes it can help to separate your hands and use something that's a little bit bigger.

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So a foam roller works pretty well for this.

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I've got a green piece tape just to help you visualize kind of a cup face or an alignment.

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Right? Because otherwise you might not see how much rotation is actually taking place.

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But what you'll do is you'll put what would be your normal grip.

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So you're not going to grip with your hands perfectly parallel to each other.

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You're going to have them turn in slightly.

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So hands are turned in slightly or a little bit on top kind of like this.

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And then we can do it in either the 9-3 or we can practice in the full version.

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And by holding the foam roller you can train it at home.

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You can work on the big global patterns and you'll have to exaggerate the individual parts from either the left side or the right side.

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So here I am in my setup posture. I'm going to do the 9-3 version first.

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So I'm going to take it back until the green line is pointing pretty much up towards the sky.

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And then I'm going to flex my lead wrist and extend the trail wrist without letting the foam roller move.

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So this doubles as helping me make sure that I get my path, same consistent while I'm working on this face awareness.

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So I'm going to implement that motorcycle and then I can practice bringing that all the way through.

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Next we'll do the full swing version.

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Or let me show the down line before we do the full swing version.

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So now I can go to that waist tight position, get into a good little body delivery, and then implement that motorcycle movement.

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So you can see I'm turning it somewhere around 20 degrees, flexing that lead wrist, extending that trail wrist.

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And now I can kind of pay attention to which of the two feels weirder to me.

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For me, the lead wrist feels very comfortable. The trail wrist feels like I'm forcing it a little bit or feels abnormal.

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So that would be something I could use when I'm doing these practice drills on the range.

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Also again, making sure that when I flex the wrist, I'm not doing it like that, because that would be changing both face and the path.

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I just want to change the face.

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So now I can go up to full swing and I can do that movement, getting into that good delivery position.

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So up as I'm starting now with my lower body.

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So it's a very versatile tool, and it can help with a lot of the awareness of either the lead wrist or the trail wrist,

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especially when you're training the motorcycle movement at home.

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It may help you uncover which side to focus on more when you're working on this shifter rotation,

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and that shifter rotation is ultimately helpful for working on your sequencing and getting your body open at impact.

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