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Back Wheels First - 3 Wood

Many amateur golfers struggle with their fairway woods and can encounter issues such as thin contact or poor trajectory. To help with this, I will often tell my students to think "back wheels" first. Or in other words, I want the back portion of the sole to brush the ground just before impact. This will create a more vertical shaft angle and contact that is higher on the face. Remember, a fairway wood has a convex or curved face just as a driver does, so in order to create distance and the proper launch conditions, we have to make contact higher on the face. Players can also work on their side-tilt/axis-tilt at impact to help with this pattern as well. 

Playlists: Fix Your Slice, Beginner Program, Get More Distance, Fix Your Hook

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Fairway Wood, Drill, Intermediate

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