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Handle In The Bucket - Driver Path Checkpoint

While the lower body is creating the power, the arms have to do something. use this drill to get a good image for the direction that the arms will fall before you swing them out to the golf ball.

Tags: Cast, Driver, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is handle in the bucket for driver.

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So the handle in the bucket is kind of a visual drill for helping you feel the shallowness

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of the arm's during transition.

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So basically to set it up, you're going to take a shaft or in this case I've got just

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a old range bucket on the end of an old shaft and I've got it set up at slightly flatter

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than the driver-liongle.

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So if I was setting this up for say a seven iron, it would be this would probably be

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a little bit too flat because you can see that the bucket is tilted on an angle kind of

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like this compared to a seven iron, I would probably want it something like that.

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Other than adjusting the tilt, it's exactly the same drill, which is I'm going to work

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on getting my handle of the club pointed in this general direction during transition.

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Remember this is a transition drill.

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You're going to deviate from where this is pointing as you start to release the club.

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So if I'm doing this little handle in the bucket, I'm going to go up towards the top

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of the swing and then as I start down, I'm going to try and basically get that handle.

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You could see that it would be going more or less straight through the bucket.

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So I'll choke up so that we can visualize that even more.

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So there, now I'm in delivery position and then of course once I start to deliver the

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club, the handle is going to be pointed well away.

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Where a lot of amateur struggle is they will tend to get the handle pointed more straight

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So if I was set up to the golf ball, you could see that that would clearly miss the bucket.

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It would never have a chance of going in the bucket compared to if I did this in a good

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So I'll demonstrate from down the line.

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You can imagine I've got that bucket right about there as I go up.

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It's going to point in the bucket just like so.

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So this is a general visual drill for feeling some of the or for experiencing some of the

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technical things that we talk about in how the arm's shallow.

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Now, the one of the big keys is to make sure that when I'm doing this, I'm not getting

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this pointed in the bucket by early standing and standing up and using my spine.

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I'm doing this purely with my arm movement.

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So while I'm doing this kind of Jackson 5 and staying against the ground or the left

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tilt the forward flex thing.

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So while I'm getting into this good delivery position, my arm should basically be pointing

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that shaft in the direction of this bucket before I initiate the release.

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So if you struggle especially with getting steep in transition, this can be a good spatial

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awareness and overall visual drill for the overall path of the club and how you need

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to shallow the arms during transition.

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