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Myview - Gate Drill

Place two Tees or objects in the ground to create a gate going off to the right. Place one object to the right of the ball and just outside the golf ball, and place one object to the left of the golf ball and just inside the golf ball. This gives a visual for the path that the club will need to go through impact. If you are used to coming over the top, this path will look like it is pointed WAY to the right.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This is my view of the gate drill. So the gate drill is one of those

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tried and tested path drills. So basically all I've gotten said I'm a

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normal visual alignment station. I've just got my target line so you can see

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roughly what I'm doing. So now I'm going to take one object and I'm going to

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place it about eight inches to a foot behind the wall and then a few inches

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outside the target line. Then I'm going to take another object and I'm going to

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put it eight inches to a foot towards the target and then inside the

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target line. So now from my visual perspective this creates a gate that I'm

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trying to get the club to swing out through. Now keep in mind that from the

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transition and the early extension section things like that I am going to try to

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get my art. The club to go through there but that doesn't mean that my hands

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are going to be going through there. If my hands end up going through this movement

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as well we're going kind of out a weight or towards the golf ball as I'm making

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contact with it. I'll tend to get leading edge strikes and I'll tend to get

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it kind of heavy. So that body rotation is going to help me shallow the club.

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What you can do this with either nine to three style kind of like so and you'll

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see you can make this as tight a tolerance or as easy as you want. But basically

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what happens is if you have a normal or a common outside to in swing path then

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what'll happen is if I was to spin you can see that the club will make

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contact with one or both of these two head covers. Also what will typically happen

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is if I normally have this pattern then in order to get the club swinging more

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to the outside what I'll frequently do is I'll still use the arms in an

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outside in pattern but I'll just stand up to get the club to go like this. So you

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want to keep in mind all the good follow through position stuff that we have on our

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site so that and the transition shallowing kind of the zoro loops the water bottle

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transition handle and the bucket. All those things kind of work on how the arms are

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going to get the club to swing from this inside out swing path while my body stays

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in good posture and good alignment. So make sure that you're not cheating by working

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vertically and standing up make sure that you are actually staying down but still

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getting the club to swing through that gate and that'll help you a lot with your

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consistency of contact especially if you struggle with poles and slices.

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