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Analysis - Supination Examples

There are a lot of adages related to supination, or forearm rotation, and its role in a great release. Renowned ball striker, Ben Hogan, wrote about supination and how important he felt it was to the swing, in his classic book, "Five Lessons". Nowadays, many golfers have misconstrued this element of the release and may be surprised to see how it actually functions in an efficient swing, along with how it differs in PGA Tour professionals and amateurs. We know that touring professionals typically have a greater amount of supination in the release, but a slower rate at which it occurs. On the opposite end, higher handicap players have a faster rate of change and a smaller total range of supination. Overall, this analysis video should provide you with a clear picture of how supination actually works in the release and how you can properly train it to create a larger "flat-spot" and ultimately, more consistent ballstriking. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Chicken Wing, Release, Analysis

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