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Handle In The Bucket

Very often, golfers can get too focused on the clubhead and lose track of the handle. This drill focusses on lag by telling the brain where to take the handle (in the slot, or bucket) vs where not to go (don't take the club outside or steep). Use this drill to get the imagery of how the arm transition gets the club in position for a proper delivery.

Tags: Cast, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill video is called, put the handle in the bucket.

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And it's to help you if you're having a path that has a hard time coming from the inside.

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Oftentimes it can be identified during transition, and there's a really good visual drill

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to help you see where the hand should be going and how you'll bring the cog down on plane.

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So, if you were to go up to the top of the swing,

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actually let me walk you through the setup.

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So, here I've got a golf ball, and now I've got a bucket, the tangging in space.

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You can just visualize the bucket if you don't have any, or you can have someone hold it for you.

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But, roughly it is outside of my left foot, just like so.

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Even with the golf ball, but on an angle that's about 20 degrees or so,

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right of the target line, just like so.

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And it's slightly on the way down.

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So, basically what'll happen is if I were to go to the top of the swing,

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and I was to make a really good transition,

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you could see that until I got into delivery position or until I started to release the club,

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it would basically be as if I were taking the handle of the bucket, or handle the golf club,

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and sticking it right in that bucket.

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If you come over the top, what you will see is that you will tend to miss the bucket,

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and it would be pointed way over there.

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So, if I choke up, it's very easy to see where that grip is pointed,

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kind of like so, as opposed to like this.

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This will start to give you that visual of the transition of when the arms have started to

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go into, as the arms are falling in, and so when they start to go out,

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they basically start to go out.

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Once you get into this delivery position, and after I put the handle in the bucket,

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many golfers have those arms go out, very, very much too soon.

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So, you can put a bucket in the ground, hanging on a shaft the way I've done,

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and practice it, or you can just have a visual image of where along the line,

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we're going to try to stick the handle, and that'll help you with your over-the-top transition.

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So, here it is, even with my left, kind of like so, the golf ball is going to be in a little bit of a hole

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because of where I got it set up.

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Okay, so here I have it set up for the down the line.

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Basically, if I was going to go to the top of the swing, you can see that that handle of the bucket,

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we'll be going right in here before I release.

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If you're in over the top swing or you will tend to miss that bucket, and then save on by going like so,

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as opposed to getting in the bucket with that good club face clothes, and then releasing it down and getting it

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compressing like so.

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