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Thrower's Catch - Trail Hand Lag Drill

The throwers catch is a move that I use to describe the right arm closing into the body during transition. The golf swing has a very similar timing to throwing as well as a similar sequence of movements. In throwing, there is a natural tendency to let the trail wrist extend as you step into the throw. Practice doing the throwers catch in golf posture and get the feeling of the left shoulder lag at the same time. This is a dynamic way to train the chunking of the sequencing during transition that creates effortless power. I have had a few students practice this movement and say that they started to get compliments on their swing right away. This movement gives the appearance of good tempo and smooth power.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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Okay this drill is called the Throwers catch and this is to work on the timing of when the

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right arm extends. One of the patterns that we see with longer hitters is that they

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wait as long as they can for that right arm to extend where shorter hitters tend to

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extend that right arm straight from the top of the swing and really it's the right arm

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in the right wrist kind of going like this. So the Throwers catch is as you start down

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in transition of feeling that elbow actually increasing the amount of bend and that wrist

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increasing the amount or the closeness of it there. So if I turn here this extension causes

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that to get closer and this elbow gets that closer. It's kind of like pulling your arms in the way

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a figure skater would do before in order to spin fast. So from the top of the swing they're going

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to do this little Throwers catch to get everything in close. Try to get as close to the golf

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as you can before you let that arm extend. So the reason it's called the Throwers catch is when

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you're throwing a ball as you take that step this arm is going to kind of fall into that loaded

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position like so where it's in close before I turn and extend exactly the same way that it's

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going to fall into this loaded position when I shift my weight. golfers who don't hit the ball

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very far from the top of the swing that right arm serves to extend and it's like the figure

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skater putting their arms out to slow down it acts as a parachute and slows the club down before

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it gets to the golf ball. So work on the Throwers catch to maximize your power in addition to the

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other leg drills.

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