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Lead Arm Awareness With A Tee

Often times, players may struggle to feel the proper positioning of the lead arm and wrist throughout the entire swing. By simply placing a tee inside your glove, you will be able to focus on visual checkpoints as you move from address to release, as opposed to your "feels", which may be right or wrong. To do so, simply pay attention to where the tee is pointing and how its position changes relative to the correct arm and wrist movements at each point in the swing. Overall, this drill is a great method for giving players a heightened awareness of their lead arm, which should allow them to pick up on any inefficient patterns that may be affecting their ball-striking. 

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is heightened lead arm awareness with a T.

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So I learned about this idea from trainer Jeff Leachman.

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I think it's a really smart idea if you're trying to work on awareness of where the left arm is.

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It can be really helpful for working on setting the club without getting into too much extension at the top of the swing.

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It can be really helpful for working on shallowing from the lead form.

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It can be really helpful for working on the release having more of a motorcycle and a little bit more of that supination pattern.

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So it can be really helpful to increase the awareness of that lead arm.

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So what you're going to do is you're going to open the glove and most gloves will have a little bit of extra space down here at the bottom.

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What you're going to do is you're going to take a T and place it in that little space so that it's sticking out.

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And it'll stay in there fairly snug you can hit balls with it.

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But what we're going to do is we're going to pay attention to where is that T pointing instead of what am I doing with the wrist.

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So with the backswing, if I have more of a cup that would be pointing almost down towards the ground, where if I keep that wrist neutral it would be pointing more on an angle slightly up towards the sky.

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Same thing if I were to shallow that T would be pointing a little bit more up towards the sky.

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And then if I also motorcycle that would be pointing more out away that way.

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So basically pointing out somewhere about 35 degrees or so.

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So that could be a great little delivery position for me to check.

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If I tend to get steep it will be pointing more down towards the golf ball.

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And then during the release feeling like that T is pointing a little bit more out in front of the golf ball.

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And then when I go through feeling like the T is pointing down back behind me somewhere around 40 degrees 45 degrees pointing in that direction.

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If I tend to have more of a scoop it will be pointing more up towards the sky.

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Now how much it points depends a little bit on your grip strength and what your body pivot is like.

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But these are just some really good general references that you can train.

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So we can train more of that backswing position staying pretty neutral instead of cup.

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We can train more of that good armchair line delivery or motorcycle.

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Feeling more of that movement happening from that lead arm.

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And we can train good arm extension and rotation of the arm in that follow-through position.

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All by just putting a little T here in your glove.

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So then what you'll do is you'll hit some shots and you'll just ask yourself where was that pointing.

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And you can use that heightened awareness of where it was pointing to help you train these major movements.

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Thank you.

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