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Motorcycle With The Educator

Marin Chuck created a great training device that goes into the grip end of the club. It allows you to get a spatial feel for the working on the motorcycle move, even if you have a hard time feeling the motions of the arms.

To purchase the device, click here Tour Striker Educator.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Cast, Draw vs Fade, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is training the motorcycle with the educator.

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So as you've noticed in this site, I'm not a huge fan of training aids.

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They can, I think they can water down a lot of what you're feeling or what you're paying

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attention to.

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But recently I was listening to a talk from Martin Hall and he exposed me to this great

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little training device.

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I used to use the swing guide, but because of, I would use it differently than how it

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was designed and often got into problems with how the things clicked in.

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So Martin Chuck, the creator of the tour striker, which I runically, I'm not a huge fan

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He created this little simple piece of plastic called the educator.

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Well, we'll go to link at the bottom where you can get him.

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But basically, if you're struggling with working on the motorcycle movement and you're

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not super feel oriented, this can help you develop a visual or a sensor or a rhythm.

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To the motion, and I'll make sure that you're doing it correctly.

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If you're unsure if you're doing it, the motorcycle and enough, or the right amount.

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So basically all you do is you're going to stick it in.

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It attaches right into the grip and there's a simple little video that shows you how to do

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It's very easy.

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If it's in any club and you're going to use it in the 45 degree angle.

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So you can either have it sticking straight up and down or out to the side, but at the

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middle one, the 45 degree and in line with the club base or the score lines.

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So now when I take my normal grip, it fits just on the inside just like so.

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So now I can't really move it too much or it's going to slam into my forearms.

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What a cool thing is, if I'm training the motorcycle, which happens during the backswing

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and during once the riszer relatively set, either at the end of the backswing or the

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start of transition, will now because I've hinged it, I have some clearance base.

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So now if I do the motorcycle and then I release, you can see that instead of being on the

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inside of forearms, it's now on the outside of my forearms.

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So I can practice, I can sit and kind of practice doing this little movement, which is just

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the motorcycle movement.

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You can feel you can train and see which one makes more sense to you.

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It does a make more sense to do it from the right arm, does it do it from the left hand,

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whichever you want to feel.

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So we can do this with the 9 to 3 version or we can do this with full shot.

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So in the 9 to 3, I'm just going to choke up just to hair, I'm going to get it to a,

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I have to go a little bit past just to have enough wrist hinge so that I can bend it like

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If I'm doing just 9 to 3, I would want this in the full 180 degree position.

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That will go up to about delivery, tuck it under, and then go through just like so.

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And if I'm doing full swings, it will impact my follow through.

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You'll have to check it because he designed it so it's in there relatively loosely.

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So if I hit on it, I can actually move it pretty easily.

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So you just have to check it each swing.

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Make sure it's still in alignment with the club.

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So if I take my grip, go up towards the top of my swing.

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That's where I'm going to motorcycle.

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And you can see basically anywhere in there from there is an, is an amount of motorcycle.

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And you can figure out where you can use this as a reference point to figure out what's

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the best amount that works for you.

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So full swing.

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And it feels a little weird, especially on the follow through, because when I go through,

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you can see that is no longer lined up with the follow through or with the club face.

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Because what'll happen is if I put it back to, you're right about there.

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So what will happen is I'm good up until impact.

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And then as I go in through my release, especially right there, I'll lose that

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flexion in my lead wrist and I'll push the thing out of the way.

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But it's a great, you know, just making sure that when I get to impact,

00:04:06,000 --> 00:04:10,000
that it's on the outside, it can be a great little training device when you're working on the motorcycle,

00:04:10,000 --> 00:04:15,000
when you're working on club face control, because this gives you another end of the spectrum

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to kind of focus on how the hands are affecting the club face.

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