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Jackson 5 Drill - Driver

To execute the Jackson 5 move, place a club or alignment stick across your hips the same way you did in the find your hips drill. Practice bumping your hips laterally toward the target using a mirror to make sure that you are not rotating or doing it from the upper body. Then make a backswing pivot and try to recreate the same bump feeling. You will then have to get used to the upper body being further behind the golf ball and the feeling of hitting up on the ball.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Driver, Transition, Drill, Beginner

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The drill is the Jackson 5 for the driver.

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The Jackson 5 is working on this lateral movement of the lower body and pelvis.

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The initiation of the driver swing using your legs for more of your power source, it's

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actually a higher priority for drivers, three wood, long irons, and then it is for a wedge

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or something like that.

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Practicing the Jackson 5 in drivers stands can give us a little different feeling.

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So I recommend doing both.

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So if I'm practicing an iron stance which would be kind of more like this, then when

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I move into my back swing and when I move into my downswing, moving that third to half

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a pelvis is going to get me pretty much over the full base of my left foot or just past

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the inside of my foot.

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So it would be kind of that movement there.

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Now if I was going to do a driver, I'm going to have my stance a little bit wider than

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my shoulders.

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And so I'm going to have more of a load into this right side.

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So I'm going to make sure that I get behind the golf ball.

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And in doing so, when I move about half a pelvis width, you can see that it barely gets

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me to the inside edge of my foot.

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So you won't see a lot of good drivers on the golf ball with everything on top of the golf

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ball kind of like this.

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You'll see them tend to be more having this tilt away and being behind the golf ball.

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But it's still about the same amount of lateral movement.

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It just looks different because the stance width is a little bit wider for the driver.

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So you can practice this a few times just getting into that good Jackson 5 movement.

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Then you can make your backswing and practice making that same kind of feeling and you'll

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see that you won't get all the way on to the front of the foot.

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If you're doing it specifically for what's going on with the driver.

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Know that when you're practicing either your 9 to 3 or your full swing that you're not

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going to be completely on top of that front side, the way that you would for 7, 8 or any

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of the other irons.

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It's a specialty for the driver, the 3 woods and the long irons.

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And it helps create that real flat angle of attack, which is one of the big keys to hitting

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the ball solidly and far with the driver.

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