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Club Face Too Open Coming Into The Ball

Struggling with closing an open club face is a common issue that amateur golfers face. From an open club face position, you'll have to time closing the club face rapidly, or swinging left to accommodate the club face relationship. This concept video will help you clarify what you need to do to balance an overly open club face during the start of the release.

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Chicken Wing, Impact, Release, Concept, Intermediate

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This troubleshooting video is coming into the golf ball with the club face open.

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So again, golfers fall into some patterns and they tend to get, it's end to gravitate

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towards certain either club face alignment or path control or power generation, but they

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fall into some patterns.

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And one pattern that can be a challenge to work around is having the club face open.

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So if we say that's relative least square because I'm going to have a little bit of

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shaft lane, they'll fall into a pattern of having the club face working more like this.

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What that'll look like is when you get to about this shaft parallel position where you can

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get a good view of the club face, it'll be pointing well up towards the sky, kind of like

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that, as opposed to closer to spining or just past parallel would be a little bit more

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So if it's open like this, if I was then to have that same shaft lane and body rotation,

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that club face would remain open.

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So what usually happens is if you get into this open pattern, you'll either stall in

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flip to try to hit it straight or to what you'll do is it's open like this and you'll

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tend to get a little bit more outside in.

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So now that starts straight, but because I chicken wing had a very leftward path, that's

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going to tend to start or it's going to start straight, but it's going to slice off to

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the right.

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The good news is if you're struggling with the club face open, there's really only

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a couple different solutions.

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One is changing your grip from the start.

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So if I take my normal grip, just like this and then if I extend my arms out and that's

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pretty much vertical, you may want to consider adjusting the grip and we have video that

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walks you through the process.

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I like for that.

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If you rule out that it's not grip strength, then it's one of the movements.

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There's really only two places where I'm going to break down this club face closing.

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One would be not starting the shaft rotation early enough, so working on the motorcycle

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either with the left wrist or the throw-risk catch or the motorcycle with the right wrist.

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Or below waist height, if my release pattern is geared around having no shaft rotation or none

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of the continued motorcycle, then I don't want to get into a neutral club face position

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and then have to reopen it, so my brain will tend to err on just keeping it in open position

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to set up for a little bit more of an outside in release.

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I'm either going to work on that shaft rotation early or I need to work on that continued

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shaft rotation late and getting that motorcycle movement to continue later or getting

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into some of that supination so that I can get good arm extension and good club face closing

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on the way through.

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With a little simpler than if you're coming into the golf ball with the club face too

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closed, but that doesn't mean that it's not frustrating.

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Be patient with yourself, use accurate feedback.

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If you start working on closing the face, you should start to see golf balls that launch

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a little bit lower and you should see no curve off to the right, because you're closing

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the face to the path of relationship, that means they should either go pretty straight or

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even have a draw to them.

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If you're not getting that feedback, then even if you feel like you're closing it, you're

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probably not, you're just working around this pattern of having the club face open and

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that's something that you ultimately want to resolve, especially when it comes to the

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longer clubs, because having the club face a little bit closed will allow you to get

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some of that good body positioning or body rotation, which helps create the optimal launch

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angle for the longer clubs like the driver.

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