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Fix Your Slice

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Gate Drill - Stop A Slice Club Path

Place two Tees or objects in the ground to create a gate going off to the right. Place one object to the right of the ball and just outside the golf ball, and place one object to the left of the golf ball and just inside the golf ball. This gives a visual for the path that the club will need to go through impact. If you are used to coming over the top, this path will look like it is pointed WAY to the right.

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Tags: Not Straight Enough, Draw vs Fade, Impact, Release, Drill

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This is the gate drill and it's a good visual drill for helping you overcome the cast or upper body dominant swing pattern.

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So what I've done here is I'm setting up to my golf ball and I've taken an object in this case.

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I've used head cover but you can use T's golf balls, swim noodles, anything to just create a little visual barrier.

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So what I did was I took one and I put it about a foot behind the golf ball and a few inches forward

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and then I took one and put it about a foot in front of the golf ball and a few inches towards me.

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What this is done is this is created the visual of a gate that I want the club to swing directly through.

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So if I were to set up to the golf ball, go to the top of swinging and do the upper body dominant swing pattern,

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you could see that the club would probably hit both of these two objects.

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So what you're going to try to do is when you bump, you're going to try to keep your back to the target longer

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and you'll feel like the club or you'll see the club swing a little bit more out to right field through this nice gate.

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This is a good drill that you can do where you're actually hitting golf balls and getting used to the path of the club

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coming through more from the inside.

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This should help a lot with overcoming the visual barrier.

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And if you can learn to go from outside to inside, if you remember from the overview video,

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that can produce tremendous gains in distance. So this could be your one magic drill for gaining that 20, 30, 40 yards.

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So this is the gate drill. It's one of the best for learning the proper path of the club should swing through on your stock swing.

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You can do the nine to three swings and you can actually do full shots with this working on the visual of how the club is going to swing through.

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