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Fix Your Slice

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Motorcycle - Driver

It is very common for golfers to start hitting big pushes, or blocks, when they start to do the jackson 5 move which is key for the shallow path of the driver. In order to get the ball to come back, you will need to have the face closed to the path, and the motorcycle move is the most important move for that. A lot of golfers who have trouble doing the motorcycle on the downswing may feel better doing it at the top of the swing and having a feeling of holding on to that position the entire downswing.

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The drill is the motorcycle for the driver.

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So the motorcycle movement is simply a rotation or a closing in the club face to the

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So if we have the club straight up and down, that's pretty neutral or square.

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If the club face is open, compared to perpendicular to the shaft or pointed like this,

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that would be open and then if it's pointed to the left or turned down, this would be

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Now, with the driver, because of where the path of the club is swinging slightly

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more into out, my upper body is a little bit more or a lot more behind the golf wall,

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relative to my body.

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I need to have that club face more close to hit a good driver than I do with an iron.

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So focusing on this motorcycle movement can be one of those big breakthroughs for squaring

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the club face and taking away your fate.

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In fact, if you do the motorcycle properly, it is impossible to hit a fade because that

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closes the face to the path.

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So if you do the motorcycle, you'll either hit pretty straight, slight draws or pull draws.

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So because I've had a lot of students say I'm doing the motorcycle, but I'm still slicing

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them all.

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And I reassure them that that's not possible.

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Now, because I'm going to be using more of my body to create the speed, what I find is that

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a lot of golfers do better with the driver if they go to the top of the swing and they

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motorcycle there kind of at the top instead of as they're coming down.

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And they just feel like they hold it there as long as they can.

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Because that kind of allows them to get that body open, get that proper sequencing, and

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powering the golf swing, which will powering the driver swing, which will learn in weeks

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five and six.

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So when you're doing it with the lower body, it's really critical for having the proper

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So, make sure that you're the big movement for squaring the club faces going to be this

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motorcycle move, either going like this, a flexion of that leaderist or extension of that

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trail wrist.

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And if you do it mostly at the top of the swing and then you just want to make sure that

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you do it earlier with the driver than you're going to do with the iron that can unlock

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a lot of club face issues and help you really dial in your path, which is one of those

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big keys for hitting the driver.

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