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Door Jam - Training Impact Position

One of the most important drill you have in this program.

Whenever I have a student who asks about a what should impact feel like, I usually will respond with “let’s find out”. Then, I will get them into impact, step on the golf ball and say push into the golf ball and toward the target (slightly right of). Then I will have them try to feel as strong as possible. If you stand up, you will feel weaker. If you move your hands back, you will feel weaker. If you shift your weight to your back foot, then you will feel weaker. If you straighten your right arm all the way, it will feel weaker. If you don’t side bend and are “tall” then you will feel weaker. However, if you bend too much forward and get your hands too much forward, you will get weaker as well. This is because there is a best way for the body to transfer energy through fascial lines. If you are in a strong impact position, then you will feel powerful.

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All right, so this drill is called the impact drill and it's probably the most important drill that you have to practice in this whole series

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So the impact drill is designed to

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Basically get inside your head whenever a student asks me where they should be at impact and what it should feel like

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Well, I can tell them where they should be but

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Getting them to feel or or helping them figure out what it's gonna feel like is a little tougher than

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Just getting them in the right position. So I get you in the right positions

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You tell me what it feels like so to replicate impact

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We're gonna practice pushing into the golf ball

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So normally when my student is in front of me

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I'll have them set up to the golf ball and then I would step on the golf ball to create resistance against

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You're not gonna have me stand in there

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So you're gonna take a golf ball and place it up against either the side the corner of a wall or as you see here

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I've got my yoga block up against the golf bag

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So then you're gonna take your normal setup position and

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You're going to practice applying force into the golf ball now you'll see that a few of the things that we talked about in the

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Concept video will automatically happen as I push into the golf ball my wrists and my hands are gonna

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Want to get a little better leverage and so they're gonna move slightly in front

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So you'll see my left wrist get towards flat and my right wrist get towards cut my right elbow is gonna be closing

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In towards my side so that it can be straightening

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But it's not gonna be fully locked if it's fully locked

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I'll feel like I'm pushing more into the ground or when I push towards the direction of the target

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I'll feel like all the resistance is in my shoulder

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If you do this you should feel or if you do this correctly

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You should feel very strong and you should feel like the energy is moving all the way into your legs and into your feet and into your hips

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So just going through the checklist the things that will help you feel stronger

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Which will help you ingrain and practice this proper impact position

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You're going to have your lower body slightly rotated with your weight mostly on your left foot

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You're gonna have your right shoulder under your left

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You're gonna be flexed slightly forward so you're not gonna be standing up

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And you're gonna have your hands slightly ahead with the left wrist flat and the right wrist cut

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So one good thing to do is you're gonna practice feeling like you're pushing strongly in the direction of the target and

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Then do the opposite so you'll feel if you move your weight back onto your right foot

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If you move your hands back if you stand up all of those things make me feel much much weaker

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And you can see I'm having a lot harder time getting pressure into the shaft

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So going back to a good impact position. I'll feel really strong feel like I'm pressing through

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Really into the golf ball and the the important thing to train which we'll get into in the release section is

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That you're not lunging forward with your upper body. You'll keep your upper body pretty centered

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Even though your weight is shifting onto the left side

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So it seems like a very simple drill and it is you're just pushing into the golf ball

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But there's a lot of little fine tuning and little details to pay attention to and if you do

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It should give you a good idea of what a proper impact position should really feel like

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