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Stab The Wall

Golfers that struggle to find a tour-like "delivery position" are often battling a few issues early in the downswing; this may include a steep pull of the arms, a cast-style release, or not enough hips/core in transition. Thankfully, if you have a wall nearby, you can setup a simple mouse-trap to improve your sequencing and in turn, arrive at a more powerful delivery position.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Cast, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is stabbed the wall.

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This drill is to help with golfers who tend to lose the delivery position, either from

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getting too steep from down the line or too outside this way, or more commonly I'll use

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this for golfers who are on plane, but the club is just way behind them.

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So it's behind that kind of leg checkpoint at Pipeirolo.

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So this usually is helpful for golfers who tend to get really active with their shoulders

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early in transition instead of using their hips and their core.

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So we're going to pretend that this is a wall instead of a chair, and I'm going to

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hold the club in a split grip kind of like this, and I'm going to slide up so I've

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got at least a few inches sticking out from my left hand.

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And now I'm going to get into a position where basically the club would hit the wall

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but my body wouldn't hit it at the same time.

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So it's sticking out just a little bit further like this.

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So now I'm going to go up to the top and as I come down I'm just going to get my arm

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into a good delivery position kind of like this, and then I'm going to turn my body

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until the butt end of the club would hit the wall like this.

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And I want to feel like I'm kind of building up speed gradually into hitting the wall.

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So I'm not applying a lot of speed really quickly.

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I'm kind of building it and getting most of the speed right here at this kind of checkpoint.

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So if I'm contacting the wall like this then what's happening is I'm using more of my

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hips and my core to bring my arms into position.

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If I got outside with it you would see that I would hit the wall and more of an oblique

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angle like this.

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So I would kind of have a feel like that.

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Or if I was to throw it behind it would never hit the wall.

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It would stay behind me.

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What I would normally do in this wing is if it was way behind me like this I'd lunge

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into the wall instead of getting the arms in front in order to get the grip to touch

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the wall.

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This will help you feel that combination of staying centered with the upper body and a little

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bit more of this white movement with your arms and shoulders.

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So once I have this feeling I'm going to try and take that feeling to a golf shot.

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So now I'm going to try to feel like I get into this position during the downswing.

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And then from here I'm just going to extend those arms.

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So I like doing this as a pump drill after I've gotten this feeling of doing the wallwork

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a few times.

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So I'm pumping it into that position and then it basically becomes more of a delivery

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and go type movement where I'm in that position and I just let the arms release.

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This may take a feeling of softness in your shoulders especially if I'm used to really

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creating a lot of tension which often gets the club a little bit more behind you like

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So really good kind of overall drill for working on sequencing and delivery position.

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Then once you have a feeling of a good speed you can take it into a little bit more of

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a normal length swing.

00:03:20,000 --> 00:03:23,000
Feeling like I stabbed the wall and then released.

00:03:23,000 --> 00:03:29,000
So if you get a little early in transition, stabbing the wall can help you delay the arm

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action and lead your transition a little bit more with your core.

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