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Practicing At Home

When you have to maximize your time, practicing at home can be extremely beneficial. Make sure that when you do practice at home, at least part of the time, you have very clear feedback to make sure that you are doing the movement that you want to train correctly. Mirrors, resistance, and objection in your way can all provide a heightened learning environment and make your learning curve a bit steeper.

Tags: Mental Game, Intermediate, Beginner

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In this concept video, we're going to go over the overview of practicing at home.

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Now, for most of us getting to the driving range every single day is probably unrealistic.

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So you'll notice that I provide a lot of ways that you can practice these key movements

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at home.

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Now if you're doing some of these drills and practicing at home, there are a few things

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that I want you to focus on.

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One, you're going to need some sort of clear feedback.

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Now some of the best ones that I like are either having objects that help with the visual

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spatial aerolation ships or having mirrors.

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So if I'm setting up on the, you know, even if I'm not hitting the golf ball, if I'm practicing

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my setup and I have a mirror where I can see either down the line or I have a mirror where

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I can see kind of face on, this will help my brain and my body kind of reconcile what

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it feels like I'm doing with what I'm actually doing.

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Unfortunately, what you feel like you're doing is of very little importance.

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It helps with performance that have clear feelings, but it's not critical for actually

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executing a golf shot.

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What is important is that you are taking this club through the proper space and using your

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body in the proper way.

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So I recommend having mirrors if you don't have mirrors, you can use your cell phone camera

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or you have video so that you can see what it is that you're doing.

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I had a gentleman this morning where we were trying to work on this kind of flatten movement

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in the Zoro loops or the armist flattening in transition and when he felt like he did it

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a lot, it was about this much.

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And so using a mirror and using video allowed him to feel this much movement or what

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we're actually trying to accomplish.

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And then he had to get over how the heck can I hit a golf ball from there.

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The first step is just kind of putting in repetitions and feeling your body or sensing

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where your body is as it goes through these movements.

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So you can use sticks on the ground.

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If you're practicing, say you're swing path and you don't have access to hitting golf

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balls, you can always set up a quick little grid and you can just practice swinging.

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Instead of standing up to not hit the sticks on the ground, I would recommend that you

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choke up but taking swings to feel either okay, that would be an out path, that would

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be an out to in, what movements are actually helping create that.

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You can use tape and put those on the ground so that way you can actually swing without

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having the sticks get in the way.

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You can use all kinds of corners of the doors, you'll see me use chairs, lots of things

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just to give you some clear spatial feedback so that when you're doing these at home

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practices, it's as beneficial as you could possibly have it.

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