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Set Up - Home Training

The major pieces of set up are things that can easily be trained in the comforts of your home. The critical factors worth working on are your grip, and your posture at address. For good posture at address, the most important factor is going to be a good hip hinge.

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The drill is at home setup practice.

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Now, setup practice is because you're not actually hitting golf ball, the easiest one to do

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at home because obviously you can do pretty much the exact same drills that you would do

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on the range.

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At home, the only problem is you're not going to be able to hit golf balls.

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Because you're not going to be able to hit golf balls, you're going to get bored.

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So, I recommend that you do these in short intense practice sessions.

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For example, if you're watching a football game or if you're watching a football game by yourself,

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you're going to obviously practice these.

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If you're watching with buddies, I recommend you don't.

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You'll probably get made fun of.

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But tying it to some type of habit.

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So every time a commercial comes up, every time I have to go to the restroom, every time

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I have to go get another beer.

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Any of those things can be a great trigger for, okay, I'm going to do five reps or

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ten reps focusing on whatever issue I'm working on.

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So, the biggest one for setup is working on this hip hinge.

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Now, I have a bunch of videos on how to do that.

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So I'm not going to go into great detail there.

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But even just practicing five repetitions or so of feeling my hips going through this

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motion and not doing it from my spine will help reinforce when I get into my setup

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posture with an actual golf ball there.

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The one that's the biggest is if you are making any type of grip change, this one is

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almost easier to practice at home.

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For a while when I was working on my grip, when I was playing mostly high school college,

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I would sit, I would have a club next to the couch so that when I was playing or when

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I was watching TV, I could take my grip.

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And I got to the point where I could take my grip.

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So here eyes closed, just feeling the weight and we'll see it's been a little less than

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I did this, not too bad.

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So just feeling the weight and getting the club in the right position in my hands.

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So the things you can focus on in setup are the hip hinge, the arms being more relaxed

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or kind of hanging, getting used to specific alignments.

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If you're going to do the alignment version, I recommend you put sticks on the ground or

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use tape on the ground but something to give you a little bit of feedback and then practicing

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your grip.

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The other ones you can work on would be feeling your weight distribution or feeling your

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pressure distribution.

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So if I'm going to hit an iron, getting used to being a little bit more on my left foot,

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if I'm going to hit a driver, getting a little bit more used on the right foot.

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So some simple things you can do at home to work on setup, like I said, setup is the easiest

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one to practice at home.

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So there's really no excuses for not having a tour level setup.

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