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Follow Through - At Home Training

There are two major pieces to the follow through position. The extension of the arms and the posting of the body. When you are practicing at home, use some of these simple drills to get proper feedback and start puting in the repetitions required to engrain a skill.

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The drill is at home practice for the follow-through.

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And now we're getting into a place where I think it's very important to kind of pay attention

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to subtle differences.

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Impact things are going to happen so fast, set up is kind of boring.

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But now we're getting into follow-through, which is kind of in the meat of the swing, the

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end of where I've made all the important movements.

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Now I'm just kind of enjoying what I've done.

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My two favorite ways to practice this at home are either the push ball or the braised extensions.

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So just a quick recap on the braised extension.

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You can get used to this feeling.

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If you set up with a club, basically, if it's normally somewhere just to the left of vertical,

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you're going to set up with it almost 100% close.

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There's 90% close or however you want to view that.

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But basically, you're going to create a hook, like the old gong show, and you're going to get

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into this braised position and feel that upper body, hopefully through the glutes and

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through the abs and not through the back.

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So through the glutes, through the abs, feeling the pull of the body help extend the arms

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of the club.

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Then what you can do is the push ball drill.

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The great thing about this is you can set up right in front of a couch.

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And it's not going to do any damage even if you missed the couch.

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You can ask my parents, I did a lot when I was playing in college, and it helps work on

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that arm extension piece, which is one of the critical components of the good ball

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So the push ball drill, you're going to get in your setup position, you're going to get

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into impact, and then you're going to feel that braised as those arms extend.

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And if you do it in the proper way, the club will actually stick to the face and go

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flying like so.

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If you do it the incorrect way, where if I was to bend my arms as I did this, you'll

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see basically because I flipped and bent my arms, even though I applied a lot of speed

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that speed didn't go into the golf ball, it kind of went under it, where if I do it

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correctly, get some good shaft lean, get that braised feeling, the club will actually stick

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to where the ball will actually stick to the club.

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So this is where I really start to work on five reps twice a day, ten reps twice a day,

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really helps you feel what this extension is going to be, which is a big, big key to

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consistent ball striking.

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