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Training Your Full Swing Grip At Home

A ruler is a great way to train the proper position of your grip within your hands, and then when you move on to griping a club at home you can use the same pressure but feel the weight of the club. These are two of my favorite ways to train your grip in a short amount of time.

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The drill is training your grip at home.

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So when I was learning my grip, I had a good instructor who reinforced that I needed

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practice in multiple times a day and I was kind of one of those OCD athletes as a kid.

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So I did it pretty much every study break and everything.

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So I would grip pens and rulers and all kinds of stuff.

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I'm going to show you two different ways.

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When you can practice with your grip and when you can practice with a ruler.

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Now I really like using a ruler for training your grip because the flat surface kind

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of forces you to feel a couple of the pressure points a little bit easier than we do with

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the round grip that is on most clubs.

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So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my normal grip but I'm going to take it with

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this ruler.

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Now I do recommend one of these flexible rulers and one that doesn't have any of the

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metal edges but you can get away with anything.

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So when I take the grip with the ruler, I'm still going to kind of grip it in the fingers

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and I'm going to make sure that the muscle on the heel side of my hand or on the pinky

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side of my hand is sitting on top of the grip.

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So I'm not going to have it sitting along the lifeline or underneath the thumb like so.

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I'm going to make sure that the the fleshy part or this muscle is on top of the ruler just

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like this and then I'm going to curl it over so that my thumb is just on the outside.

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So it's not straight down the middle of the ruler like this.

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It's just off to the outside kind of like that.

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Now I'm going to take my right hand and I'm going to put it so that it kind of fits

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in nicely.

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Now the way that that'll work is from the right hand, I'm going to basically place it so

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that the index finger of my trail hand, my right hand is going to curl just underneath

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it just like so.

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And in this one, if I was gripping it right handed, it would sit more underneath the thumb

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pad not all the way underneath the fleshy part of or the muscle that's connected to your

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So it would sit just across kind of like that.

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So I'd have the pressure underneath this joint right there and I'd have the pressure

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kind of sitting there.

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Now if I put them together, so if I put the left hand on so that it sits underneath

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that pad and then underneath the middle joint of that index finger.

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So it's curled like so with the thumb just off the side and then I put the right hand

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so that it matches in just like that.

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You can see that this kind of fits together sort of like this.

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So this is a great way to kind of just practice getting into a comfortable grip position.

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I would re-grip rulers and sharpies and all kinds of stuff all throughout school.

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Now the cool thing about a ruler is it has a little bit of a clubface, right?

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So I can practice some of my release movements, open clothes, wall still working on the grip

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without having to worry too much about the clubface or having a club nearby.

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Ruhrs are really easy to keep in your travel bed.

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So now for moving on to the club, right?

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Because we don't always want to practice gripping a ruler even though it's really,

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it's easy to feel kind of the flat sides and pretty much no one is going to grip it in

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the palm when they're gripping a ruler.

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You're going to grip it a little bit more in the fingers so you get a sense of that pressure.

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So now if I take my grip with my club, one of the things that I would challenge you to do

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at home that my instructor challenged me to do, I've talked to a lot of other former competitive

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players and competitive players who did similar things.

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Where basically you're going to keep a club near your TV room or wherever you kind of chill

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So let's say you're watching TV and the commercial comes up, you're going to grab your

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club and you're going to practice your grip.

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Now what I want you to do is not just practice getting your grip but getting your grip

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and feeling the weight of the club.

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So what you're going to do is once you've got your grip on kind of the way you want, you're

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then going to close your eyes and you're going to spin the club around and then you're

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going to try, we'll see how I do.

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So then you're going to try to just by feeling the weight of the club, get it back to pretty

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close to straight up and down.

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So you'll find that when you first start doing it, you're not going to be able to tell

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the difference between this or that or any of that stuff.

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But with some good sensitivity, you can really feel where the weight of the club is and

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how it reacts within your hands.

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It's a great way to practice your grip at home and by practicing feeling the weight, it's

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going to help you feel that club-face orientation when you then try to apply your grip to

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a swinging motion.

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So when you're training your grip, it's frequency of practice, consistent reps, do it

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throughout the day, use a ruler, use the club, it'll help make the grip feel much more

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comfortable a lot quicker.

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