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Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round (with just the body)

This is a great drill to practice the combo move of rotation, flexion and side bend. Get into set up with a club across your shoulders, then turn so that it is pointing down toward the golf ball. Make sure that your weight is on your left foot and toward the heel.

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This drill is the Marigo Round drill. The Marigo Round drill is one of my

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go-toes whenever I'm trying to help educate a student on where the body should be

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at impact. Many golfers fall into a pattern of when they get into their golf

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swing. They tend to stand up and not have a whole lot of rotation, not have a lot

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of access to it. So if I was to exaggerate it, they tend to get like this at

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impact. So here's setup and then there's impact. There's very little change.

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Most tour pros will have some pretty big profound changes. To feel the changes,

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instead of just describing all the different body movements, we use the

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Marigo Round drill. So the Marigo Round drill, you're going to take the club

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and place it across your shoulders. If you're right-handed, the club will stick

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out to your right shoulder if you're left hand-eels, stick out to your left shoulder.

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Then from here, I'm going to rotate my body until the club would be just

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about to hit the golf ball. So from my visual perspective, it looks like it's

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pointing right about here. So I'm getting my club into that position, but I haven't

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shifted my upper body forward. I'm staying centered while my lower body gets

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onto that weed foot. So I got a little bit of a tilt away from my foot and this

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body rotation is pointing the club just inside of my foot kind of like

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that. Now I'm going to freeze my body in that position and then I'm going to

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place my hands on the club. And this is roughly going to get me about where my

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body should be at impact. Might exaggerate some part because doesn't quite have

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as much of the dynamics, but it gives you a good overall sense of about how much

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down rotate side-men, how your chest will be pointing out in front of the

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golf ball along the target line, somewhere out in that 30-40 degree range. How

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your hips will be pointing even further out along that target line. So if you're

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used to standing up, this will help you feel more down. If you're used to not

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rotating, this will definitely help you feel more rotated. And if you're used to

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having your upper body ahead of your lower body, this can be used to help

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feel like your upper body is a little bit more behind your lower body while

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it's still in that rotate position. Once you get used to this body position,

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then you can start moving on to release drills. So whether you want to do

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things like the push ball drill where you're just getting used to those arms

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extending from the merry-go-round, the impact fix where you're practicing

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getting into that merry-go-round body position from setup just automatically or

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doing things like 9-3 where you're basically taking the club back to about

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waist height and then trying to get back to that merry-go-round position before

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your hands get into or make contact with the golf ball. So if you're trying to

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work on where your body needs to be at impact, and then no better drill to work

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on than using this merry-go-round drill. Do it both right handed and left handed.

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That'll help give your brain more information and more spatial awareness of how it

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can rotate side-bend and stay in place. All key components for controlling low

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point and the bottom of your swing.

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